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Awards Overview


The Institution has a long history of making awards and some fine traditions have been developed in this respect. These traditions should be maintained and extended to honour contributions and to promote civil engineering.

This document updates the awards structure and defines the occasions where the awards will be conferred. In some case special awards ceremonies will be arranged. Arrangements for such ceremonies should be discussed with the National Office.


Awards should be viewed as one of the means for achieving Institutional objectives, namely:

  • to promote the art and science of civil engineering
  • to promote the profession, and
  • to protect the justifiable interests of its members

In addition, awards should provide full and proper recognition for the achievements of members.

Awards can contribute to the realisation of these objectives by :

  • providing an incentive to members to increase the standard of civil engineering in South Africa and by acknowledging achievements in this regard
  • providing a means for recognising the engineering contributions of members to the profession, to the Institution and to society
  • providing a medium for extending public awareness of the role of civil engineering in society and of the contributions made by civil engineers.


The system of awards should contribute to Institutional objectives, taking cognisance of other corporate activities and the resources available. Awards should be given to individuals, groups of individuals or projects for outstanding performance such as advancing technology, teaching, research, engineering construction or management.

While outstanding performances should be identified and rewarded, special attention must be given to a limited number of prestigious awards. Care should be taken not to create meaningless awards.

Presentation of awards should be arranged to realise their maximum public relations value and to suitably honour their recipients. The form of awards should therefore provide lasting recognition and be suited to the recipients and to the performance. The human element should be emphasised at all times, and in the case of awards for projects, the engineer behind the project should also be recognised.

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