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In order to better prepare SAICE members wishing to attend the AGM on 11 April 2017, we have linked the following draft Audited Annual Financial Statements (AFS) for the year ending 31 December 2016 to this newsletter:

1.                   SAICE Group Consolidated 

2.                   SAICE Institution 

3.                   SAICE (Pty) Ltd 

We will also communicate the Auditors Management Report and the SAICE National Office’s responses thereto in the next day or two.

Please take the opportunity to familiarise yourself with these AFS documents and the management report prior to you attending the AGM.

At the Council Meeting to be held earlier on the same day, the Council will review and approve the AFS and shall then submit to the Annual General Meeting a report on the affairs of the Institution and the approved AFS for the previous calendar year.

Should there be any changes between the draft AFS linked hereto and the approved AFS tabled at the AGM, these will be highlighted at the AGM.

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