Category Entrance fee for new
members – (R)
Membership fee – (R)
01/04/2018 – 31/12/2018 15% VAT Incl Full fee invoiced 01/04/2018 – 31/12/2018 15% VAT Incl (Pro-rated according to schedule)
Honorary Fellow (HF) 0
Fellow (F) 3,302
Member (M)
* Engineer (Pr Eng) 1,054 3,302
* Technologist (Pr Tech Eng) 1,054 3,302
* Technician (Pr Techni Eng) 1,054 3,302
* Other (Pr ….) 1,054 3,302
Senior member (75+ years) 0
Retired Member
* Fellow 939
* Member 939
* Associate 939
Associate (A)
* Other 889 2,151
Graduate 5+ years
* Engineer 889 3,302
* Technologist 889 3,302
* Technician 889 3,302
Graduate 0 – 4 years
* Engineer 889 2,151
* Technologist 889 2,151
* Technician 889 2,151
Student 851


Please note that the above fees include 15% VAT as from 1 April 2018.

Technical Divisions

Division Division Rate – (R)
Full fee invoiced 01/04/2018 – 31/12/2018 15% VAT Incl (Pro-rated according to schedule)
Environmental 366
Fire Engineering 366
ICE-SA 366
Information Technology 366
Joint Structural 366
Marine 366
Project Management 366
Railway & Harbour 366
Transportation 366
Water 366
Geotechnical 806


* Each member may select any number of technical divisions of which one division is “free”.
* Change of divisions may only occur once a year in October.
01/04/2018 – 31/12/2018 15% VAT Incl
* Geotechnical division members are paying for ISSMGE membership, which means that when members select GEOTECHNICAL as their only division, they will still have to pay the additional R 440.00

Information & Guidelines for Payment

  • Identify Your Payment

    Please use your membership number, your account number or the invoice number as a beneficiary payment reference (the reference that will appear on SAICE’s bank statement), when making payment. If we can’t identify your payment, it will be allocated to a suspense account and your invoice will still reflect as outstanding (not paid).

  • Payment by Electronic Transfer

    An electronic transfer can be made as follows:


    Account Name: The South African Institution of Civil Engineering
    Bank: Standard Bank
    Branch: Parktown Branch code: 000355
    Account Number: 200853058

  • Payment by Cheque

    You may make payment by cheque (although we prefer EFT payments):

    Please make the cheque payable to: The South African Institution of Civil Engineering Write your membership number on the reverse side of the cheque.

  • Overseas Members Payment

    Overseas members may use their credit card to make payment, because the bank transmission costs on overseas transfers are very costly for SAICE.

  • Employer pays your Membership Fees

    If your employer pays your membership fee, please ensure that you submit your membership subscription invoice to your employer’s accounts department for payment. If your employer makes a bulk payment (for more than one member), the proof of payment accompanied by a comprehensive list (remittance advise), detailing the name and membership number of all individuals for whom payment is being made, must be emailed to Magda Smith at


    Please note that the deadline to qualify for early bird discount payments is 31 December, as well as that the SAICE Constitution requires that membership fees are due by 1 January.

For payment or account enquiries contact SAICE on +27 11 805 5947.

Surnames starting with, please contact:

(A – M) Erika Coetzer
(N – Z) Rose Magagula