You are entitled to these unique membership benefits…

  • Liaison with government by promoting the profession. SAICE creates lasting partnerships with government and nominating representatives onto statutory bodies and other government bodies and committees.
  • The SAICE journal promotes technical leadership and keeps members informed of latest developments in civil engineering science and practice through the publication of peer-reviewed papers. The journal also provides acces to well-researched solutions for local technical problems by peers and provides opportunities to members to submit technical papers for publication.
  • The monthly SAICE magazine – Civil Engineering keeps members informed and up to date with institutional affairs, technical viewpoints, other developments in the industry as well as national, local and provincial developments.
  • There are various networking and mentoring opportunities provides access to the skill pool of peers and senior members of the profession.
  • Continuing Professional Development through courses and events whereby members can gain CPD points.
  • Recognition through honouring technical excellence, rewarding academic excellence and professional achievements which promote the status of the members.
  • Representation of members interests on statutory organisations, professional and industry bodies as well as representing civil engineering interests on Technicon and University accreditation panels.
  • Leadership development as well as social ability development.
  • Exposure to issues concerning the engineering profession creating a collective think tank.
  • Guidance to young members who want to register professionally.
  • International representation ensures recognition of the professional status of members.
  • Bursaries are provided to students studying civil engineering.

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  1. Good day
    I am holding a BTech in Civil engineering, and with 5+ years of experience in the industry, I would like to register as a professional.
    If I register with saice can I be guided through to be a professional?

    Kind Regards

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