SAICE Newsletter (26 May)

View this email in your browser   26 May 2015 SAICE Membership stats – Active Branch Distribution DWS delusional Importing engineers from Cuba is an emotional issue for many local engineers. Manglin Pillay, CEO of SAICE, is outspoken when he says that he would like to see the Cuban engineers sent back home. He furthermore states that …

DWS hampering its own vision with Cuban appointments

SAICE and its sister organisations have an adverse view of the first of a total of forty Cuban engineers that have arrived in the Free State. The decision undertaken by the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) to go ahead with the appointment of the Cuban specialists to implement their skills capacity drive, illustrate once again the DWS’ disregard for local industry body concerns.

International bodies gather at first General Assembly

The 5th Engineers Without Boarders (EWB) Conference took place last month under the auspices of the South African Federation of Engineering Organisations (SAFEO). The Conference is reflective of the growing network of multidisciplinary national engineering societies and/or institutions and was appropriately themed as “Engineering Knowledge Creation, Sharing and Collaboration”.