Manglin Pillay, CEO of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) visited the University of Johannesburg (UJ) on 28 January 2014, to address our future young engineers. The talk gave students a glimpse into the world of engineering, its benefits, challenges  and delivered  some creative tips on how to have fun whilst remaining focused and driven. Mr Pillay had the students gasping and squealing in excitement  as he ended his talk by  singing an acapella version of Brian Mcknight’s ‘Win’, which reiterated the concept of never giving up!

Abdul Khatri, one of the many excited, enthusiast first year students who filled the auditorium said “Engineering is epic – it allows me to give back to the community and in future, I want to impact those around me…that’s why I chose engineering as a career”.

“This one time, I saw my father (a professional accountant) build a stairway and I was really amazed. Then, I tried making a miniature one with legos, but it didn’t come out that good yet his real one was perfect. So he told to me, I did one year of engineering, imagine what four years of engineering could have done for me (laughs). That moved me and I knew then what I wanted to do,” said another eager student, Abdullah Warsame.

As the sun began to set, the buzzing crowd of students dispersed from the auditorium, shoulders square and heads held high, ready to take on their new journey.

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