Welcome back to another addition of ‘THE HOW TO GUIDE ON ALL THINGS AWARDS.’

This week we will focus on the PHOTO COMPETITION.

What is it?

The Photo Competition was initiated by SAICE to celebrate the beauty of the industry and to show the world that Civil Engineering is visually pleasing.  

How to submit your masterpiece?

Send your photo, which reflects projects and/or people in the Civil Engineering environment, electronically to brigitte@saice.org.za before the closing date. The photographs must be in jpeg format, with a resolution of 300dpi and be at least 20cm in width or length.  All entries are posted onto the SAICE website and the finalists are voted for on-line. The top 10 photographs will be selected and adjudicated based on the representation and artistry of Civil Engineering, technical excellence (quality of photo), visual impact, creativity and originality; as well as balance and composition. The winners will receive a cash prize and will be announced at the SAICE Annual Awards in October.

Who can enter?

The competition is open to the general public.  Entries from both industry professionals and photography enthusiasts will be accepted.

What happens after the competition?

The photographs will be used extensively in all SAICE publications, giving recognition to the photographers.

Entries for 2014 close on 15 October.

Please visit the SAICE website (https://www.saice.org.za/events-and-awards/saice-photo-competition-2014) for more information.

Happy snapping!

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