As a valued SAICE member one of your benefits entitles you to one FREE Divisional selection.

SAICE has TEN technical divisions which maintain excellence in civil engineering.
Why join a Division?

  • Networking opportunities
  • Be seen and become known within industry
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Provide professional guidance and input
  • Professional Development initiatives
  • Access mentors and others within your discipline


Be part of one of the following Divisions at NO COST:

1. Information Technology
Promoting the science and art of the use of electronic computers.

2. Railway and Harbour
Advancing and expanding the science and practice of civil engineering in the provision and maintenance of facilities for transport by railways, road and motor services, harbours, airways and pipelines.

3. Water
Promoting the art and science of water, hydraulic and coastal engineering.

4. Environmental
Impacting studies within the social and natural environment and creating a balance between the two.

5. Transportation
Advancing the study, knowledge and application of engineering dealing with planning, design and operation of highways, roads and streets, their networks, terminals, abutting land and relationships with other modes of transportation.

6. Marine
This Division will serve Port, Harbour, Coastal and Ocean Engineering – and will seek to advance and promote an understanding of the coast and address coastal issues that are of critical importance to the country.

7. Structural
Advancing the theoretical knowledge and practice of structural engineering, to encourage the improvement of standards and techniques, and to enhance the standing of this branch of the profession. Represents the interests of the SAICE Structural Division as well as the Institution of Structural Engineers UK.

8. Project Management
Promoting civil engineering through the contribution of sound project management principles, bridging the gap between “creators of value and society”. This division informs SAICE members about issues relating to SACPCMP and facilitates an understanding of construction and project management philosophies related to engineering principles and practices.

This division represents the interests of the SAICE as well as the Institution of Civil Engineers UK. SAICE and the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK) have a joint committee to co-ordinate the services to members between the two institutions.

ICE-SA promotes the civil engineering profession by ensuring that everybody understands the positive impact that civil engineers have on society.

Geotechnical division members are paying for ISSMGE membership, which means that when members select GEOTECHNICAL as their only division, they will still have to pay the additional surcharge of R384.00.

Should you wish to belong to more than one division, there will be an additional fee of R320.00 per added division.

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