Such a time as this

“… there are many people who feel that it is useless and futile for us to continue talking peace and nonviolence against a government whose reply is only savage attacks on an unarmed and defenseless people.

Born again

Remember this – because you exist, our people have dignity in water and sanitation, roads upon which we drive cars, buses and taxis so that, together with rail services, we are able to go to work to earn a living, to feed our families, to cook with the electricity you helped provide, and to send our children to the schools you helped build.

A new season is coming

SAICE’s first council meeting for the year took place on 12 April 2016 at SAICE House in Midrand. The meeting was opened by President Chris Herold who welcomed attendees and requested them to observe a moment of silence for SAICE members who had passed on.