NB: The presentation:

  • Must be made by a Young Professional (younger than 35 years of age), with a brief overview of the project
  • The majority of the presentation must focus on their contribution to such project
  • Must portray the art and science of civil engineering to the general public and indicate how the profession finds answers to challenging demands
  • Must be predominantly civil engineering in character
  • Must be aimed at the public and have current public appeal.


  • Unusual and unique
  • Display engineering ingenuity in analysis, design or use of alternative technology
  • Positive impact on the environment
  • Community involvement
  • Exemplify the benefits of civil engineering to society at large
  • Show some notable advance in innovative construction techniques
  • Be of a particular aesthetic appeal
  • Efficient in functionality
  • Positively impact the economy
  • Contribute to the service of mankind.


  • All projects should be submitted electronically, in a pdf format, to  on or before 2 June 2017.

SUBMISSION CONTENT AND FORMAT: Please copy the titles listed hereunder and complete them in their respective order:

A pdf document of no more than 10 pages with the following information:

Title page with:

  • Name of project
  • Name of Young Professional(s) who will be presenting
  • Name of client (may be omitted in the case of a research project)
  • Name of consulting engineer / design company
  • Name of contractors (may be omitted in the case of a research project)
  • Cost of project (may be omitted in the case of a research project)
  • Date of completion (may be omitted in the case of a research project or if the project is still underway)

Project/Research overview:

  • Short introduction and background of project/research, history and engineering problem faced

Project/Research description:

  • The purpose of the project/research – no more than 200 words

Project/Research summary with:

  • A brief synopsis of unusual or unique features
  • A brief statement of engineering ingenuity in analysis or design
  • A brief statement on how the project impacted the environment
  • A brief statement on the involvement of the community
  • A brief statement on any innovative construction techniques used
  • A brief statement on the projects aesthetic appeal
  • A brief statement on what characteristics make the project functional
  • A brief statement on how the project impacts the economy
  • A brief statement on how the project contributes to the service of mankind
  • Project phases summary with five photographs explaining various project stages. In the case of a research project, you may include pictures of similar projects that have been completed elsewhere, purely for illustrative purposes. Alternatively, you can motivate why a project phase summary may not be appropriate for your particular project.
  • Two drawings or illustrations relating to the entry.


  • Adjudication will carried out by a nominated panel of 4 – 5 industry professionals
  • At this level, the adjudication criteria will be as follows:
    • Meeting the general, technical excellence and benefit to society criteria as listed previously 75%
    • Public relations value 15%
    • Conforming to the prescribed submission format as described above 10%
  • The adjudication will be carried out based on the material submitted
  • The successful applicants will be notified.

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