Temporary Works: Principles of design and construction, Second edition

Principles of design and construction provides authoritative and comprehensive guidance on temporary works for practising engineers…

R 2,800.00

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Concrete Bridge Strengthening and Repair

Covering a wide range of structural elements and r…

R 1,311.40

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Coated Metal Roofing & Cladding

Coated metal roofing and cladding systems are a fa…

R 655.70

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Neville’s Insights and Issues

Adam Neville’s final book on concrete demonstrates…

R 1,109.65

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Conceptual Structural Design:

Bridging the Gap between Architects and Engineers

Conceptual structural design aims to bridge the ga…

R 907.89

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Design of Fastenings in Concrete

Design Guide

This design guide is based on a safety concept usi…

R 746.49

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Has your House got Cracks?

2nd Edition

This guide has been commissioned by the Institutio…

R 756.57

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Intelligent Buildings:

Design, Management and Operation

This book correlates the latest knowledge about design, management, technology…

R 505.00

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Innovation in Concrete

Year Published: 2002

Innovations in concrete provides a precise, illustrated summary on recent…

R 1,412.28

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ICE Manual of Bridge Engineering

2nd Edition

The fully revised, restricted and updated second edition of the ICE manual of bridge…

R 4,539.48

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Modern Structural Analysis

Modelling Process and Guidance

While there is a significant danger that software can be used in the absence…

R 1,815.79

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Stress Ribbon and Cable-Supported Pedestrian Bridges

Year Published: 2005

“Stress ribbon bridges’ is the term used to describe structures formed by a very…

R 1,008.77

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Structural Steel Design to BS5950:

Part 1

This book introduces the reader to the use of this new issue of BS 5950. It includes…

R 1,311.40

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Temporary Works Principles of Design and Construction

1st Edition

Temporary Works: Principles of Design and Construction is the first reference book…

R 2,219.29

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Prestressed Concrete Bridges Design and Construction

2nd Edition

Prestressed Concrete Bridges, Second Edition, is the comprehensive reference for practising…

R 1,815.79

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Structural Fire Engineering

Year Published: 2011

Structural Fire Engineering provides comprehensive and practical design guidance…

R 605.27

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Finite-element Design of Concrete Structures

Practical problems and their solutions

Finite-element Design of Concrete Structures, Second Edition, is the structural engineer’s…

R 1,714.91

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Portland Cement

3rd Edition

The third edition of this best selling book provides a concise overview of the properties…

R 1,714.91

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Stress Ribbon and Cable-supported Pedestrian Bridges

2nd Edition

This new and fully updated edition of Stress ribbon and Cable-supported Pedestrian Bridges…

R 1,714.91

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ICE Manual of Structural Design:


Part of the ICE manuals series, ICE manual of structural design is the essential…

R 3,177.63

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Structural Analysis with Finite Elements

Year Published: 2010

Structural Analysis with Finite Elements reveals the theory behind the finite element (FE)…

R 1,311.40

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Structural systems: behaviour and design volume 1

Plane structural systems

Volume 1 provides readers with the fundamental concepts, predominantly focusing on…

R 1,210.52

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Structural systems: behaviour and design volume 2

Spatial structural systems, foundations and dynamics

Building on the fundamental concepts and basic structural systems covered in volume 1…

R 1,412.28

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ICE Manual of Construction Materials

Volume 1 and Volume 2

This essential work is a single stop, comprehensive reference for practising engineers…

R 3,026.32

Incl. VAT

Tension Structures Form and Behaviour

Year Published: 2003

The tension structures discussed in this book are predominantly roofing forms…

R 1,109.65

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Bridge Construction Equipment Book

Year Published: 2013

Bridge Construction Equipment provides exhaustive coverage of new and emerging…

R 2,017.55

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Structural Dynamics for Engineers

2nd Edition

Structural Dynamics for Engineers, Second edition, is the essential introduction…

R 750.00

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Steel-concrete Composite Bridges

Designing with Eurocodes

Steel-concrete Composite Bridges is an essential guide to the latest methods in the design…

R 1,210.52

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Principles of Pavement Engineering

Second Edition

The new edition of Principles of Pavement Engineering is a crucial guide for those involved…

R 2,320.17

Incl. VAT

Structural Engineering of Transmission Lines

Year Published: 2014

Structural Engineering of Transmission Lines enhances an engineers ‘understanding of…

R 2,118.42

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Sustainable Buildings

Delivering Sustainable Infrastructure

Sustainable Buildings is an indispensable handbook that combines a summary of good…

R 605.27

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Stadium and Arena Design

Second Edition

Building on the success of the award-winning Stadium Engineering and Publishing 2nd June 2015…

R 2,118.42

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Structural Analysis

ICE Textbooks

Structural Analysis offers well-explained worked solutions which complement…

R 675.88

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Bridge Launching

Second Edition

Bridge Launching, 2nd Edition looks at bridges built by incremental launching and made of…

R 1,916.67

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Communication Structures

Year Published: 2007

This book is a thorough study of the technology of structures supporting communication…

R 1,614.04

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