PROJECT MANAGEMENT A Multi-Disciplinary Approach Fourth, Revised Edition

The How-To of Building will assist anybody who is involved…

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The How-To of Building Practical Guide - The Perfect Guide for Contractors, Home Owners and Professionals

The book is aimed at developing managerial skills. It provides a structured approach and practical tools that are essential for project managers in all sectors of business and government…

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Project Management for Engineering, Business and Technology

5th Edition

Project Management for Engineering, Business and Technology…

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Management for Engineers, Technologists and Scientists

3rd Edition

This edition of management for engineers, technologists…

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Management for Engineers, Scientists and Technologists

2nd Edition

Significantly revised and updated, this second edition of “Management…

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Construction Methods for Civil Engineering

2nd Edition

Construction methods for civil engineering second edition is written…

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Civil Engineering Quantities 1990

A Guide for determining and using quantities for Civil Engineering Construction Contracts

The very useful, and first of its kind, GCC 2010 G…

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Project Management and the Law

Practical guidelines for management of engineering and building contracts

This is not a learned law book – nor is it a legal…

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Southern African Steel Construction Handbook

8th Edition, 2nd printing, 2016 – Southern African Institute of Steel Construction

“Latest edition of the Red Book Edition 8 – Se…

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SAICE- Practice Manual #2

Delivering construction projects using the design by employer contracting strategy (2004)

Engineering and construction works are by definiti…

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SAICE Quick Guide to Construction Procurement (2004)

A Quick Guide to Construction Procurement (2004)…

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Standardizing procurement processes, procedures and methods

Procurement may be defined as the process which cr…

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Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement Southern African Edition

The Southern African Edition of CESMM3 is suitable…

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Requirements for Electrical Installations

IET Wiring Regulations

BS7671:2008 Requirements for Electrical Installati…

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General Conditions of Contract for Construction Works

Third Edition, 2015

“The new third edition of the General Conditions o…

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Guide to the General Conditions of Contract 2015

Second Edition

The GCC 2015 Guide is intended for all the fellow …

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Building Construction Standards for South Africa

Comprehensive and up-to-date, Building Constructio…

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Construction Materials for

Civil Engineering

Construction Materials for Civil Engineering Secon…

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Building and Pricing Guide

The Construction Industry Annual

The Buildaid Building & Pricing Guide is the gold …

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