For the first time a bridge building competition for high schools was organised in Swaziland. The Swaziland Bridge Building Competition was held at the University of Swaziland (UNISWA) in the Science Laboratories on Saturday 26 October. This was a joint effort between the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE), Swaziland Association of Architects, Engineers and Surveyors (SAAES) and SSTA.

The winners of the competition were Siteki Nazarene High who won the floating trophy donated by Inyatsi Construction. Second prize went to Evelyn Baring Highs School and the third prize was a tie between Timphisini Central High School and Ekudwaleni High School.

Holy Rosary High School got a prize for the most aesthetically designed and built bridge. There was a total of 14 schools from all over Swaziland. Teachers also had some fun time as they also built bridges which were subject to  the breaking test prior to the student bridge testing.

Certificates of participation have been prepared and printed in South Africa and was available by Mid-November. Also the Swaziland Association of Architects, Engineers and Surveyors is looking at getting more prizes for the schools that won.

The sponsors for the competition that provided the glue was RiChem; the accommodation for judges were given by Ebuhleni Farm Chalets; the food was sponsored by Murdoch Green Services, Bicon Swaziland and Alan Coyle, and the consolation prizes by SPTC.

During the introduction and breaks, the students were encouraged to choose civil engineering as a profession and thus focus more on science and maths subjects. The young ladies were also encouraged to bcome civil engineering professionals and it was good to see a relatively even mix of  male and female students as they all had various things to contribute to make the bridge building competition successful.

Next year’s competition is planned to be bigger and better and with more prizes. The competition will take place between July and August.

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  1. i would like the Swaziland goverment to also support the student who wins the compertion by giving them scholaships to study for the coruse of civil engineering after they finish high school since our country is indeed shot of civil engineeres

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