SAICE President Brian Downie and Acting CEO Steven Kaplan visited Cape Town from 5-6 March 2019. During the visit the delegation visited the three universities in the region namely, The University of Cape Town, The Cape Peninsula University of Technology and Stellenbosch University. The delegation met with the HoDs, lecturers, student chapter members and addressed their students.

Key issues of discussions at each of the institutions included the need to strengthen relationships between SAICE and the institutions to best serve the interests of students, civil engineering staff and departments. The need for the sharing of knowledge, exploring opportunities for collaboration as well as the general advisory role SAICE could play to support the aspirations of each department in these institutions.

The delegation also met with members of the Young Panel, where the Chair of SAICE Membership and Executive Board, Bridgette Kerst, led discussions on how SAICE could improve its interventions regarding gender representation and overall diversity in industry.

The visit was rounded off with a members cocktail evening where President Brian Downie shared his presidential address titled, “It’s a New World”, and challenged members as well as industry to support his vision to get as many disadvantaged high school learners signed up onto the Khan Academy, a free online learning service designed to supplement learning.

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