An Agreement was reached by the Civilution forum on these three principal focus areas:

  • Technical capacity in the government sector, that is, the retention strategy for engineers in the public sector.
  • Public and/or Government awareness of what engineering practitioners actually do.
  • Corruption in the engineering profession, both in government as well as in the private sector and within procurement.

Forum members stated that the upcoming Civilution Congress in May 2016 would in fact “talk to” all three focus areas. It was then agreed that following the Congress, the forum would allocate ‘champions’ to take these focus areas forward.

The agenda further included a presentation by Ron Watermeyer on the Standard for Infrastructure Procurement and Delivery Management (SIPDM) and a Model SCM Policy for Infrastructure Procurement and Delivery Management, issued by National Treasury. This is in support of the MFMA Supply Chain Management Regulation 3(2), as a National Treasury guideline determining standards for municipal supply chain management policies. The implementation of the National Treasury Standard for Infrastructure Procurement and Delivery Management forms an integral part of the Model SCM policy issued in terms of the MFMA. The issuing of the Model SCM policy enables implementation of the National Treasury Standard through the MFMA to take place no later than 1 July 2017.

SAICE recently signed a MOU with National Treasury to publish a special magazine, specifically dedicated to Infrastructure delivery, to launch the publication of a PFMA instruction and a MFMA circular which separates government’s supply chain management system for general goods and services from that for infrastructure delivery.

The forum members, representing key industry stakeholders have agreed to draft a brief on the potential impact and benefits on the sector of industry which they each represent.

Furthermore, National Treasury has agreed to provide content for the publication which will be branded as a Civilution publication – which is anticipated to be ready for distribution during February 2016.

The meeting was attended by:

  • Chris Campbell – CESA: CEO
  • Malcolm Pautz – SAICE President 2015
  • Vaughan Rimbault – SAIMechE: CEO
  • Ron Watermeyer – Representative of the National Treasury CPO
  • Stan Bridgens – SAIEE: CEO
  • Anton Booyzen – SAAMA: President
  • Basil Jonsson – SARF: Operations Director
  • Frederik Oosthuizen – SAFCEC: Executive: Contractual Affairs & Support Services
  • Godfrey Ramalisa – CESA: Manager Client Liaison
  • Manglin Pillay – SAICE CEO
  • Steven Kaplan – SAICE COO

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