Everything great that has ever happened to humanity since the beginning has begun with a single thought…

Yiannis Hryssomallis

known as Yanni

Greek pianist, keyboardist, composer and music producer

The inspiration of Civilution seems to be occupying that subliminal space in the minds and consciences of our engineers. Have you constructed your own definition and aspirations? Have you considered your role in the revolution?

To some, Civilution it is a mystery. To the critics, the concept is mere words, a marketing gimmick. But Civilution is an era – and words have the impact of launching history. Civilution is in a state of metamorphosis, evolving from inspirational words into a carefully constructed, multi-layered roadmap of tangible deliverables.

SAIEE (Electricals), SAIMechE (Mechanicals), SAFCEC (Contractors), CESA (Consultants) and SAICE (Civils) met on a cold Thursday morning (20 June 2013) around a breakfast table to discuss the urgent need to unify; in solidarity to address common issues that affect engineering practitioners and the engineering fraternity in a collaborative, strategic, structured and systematic fashion.

Stan Bridgens of SAIEE was quick to the wit with his E = mc2 (Electricals, Mechanicals, Consultants, Civils and Contractors) – an elegant and compacted glimpse of powering the production of energy and of causing great impact; the power that engineering professionals hold in their hands if the Voluntary Associations (VAs) work together; our energy being directly proportional to our mass and the swiftness of our action.

The president of IMESA (Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa), Frank Stevens, also expressed solidarity to the cause, and participation on common issues.      

The historical meeting discussed seven key priority issues that need attention. These are:

  • The urgent need to reinstate technical capacity in all spheres of government
  • Improvement of and closer involvement in the education sector to ensure world-class quality of engineering education, and graduates
  • Anti-corruption
  • Assistance to government in terms of NDP, NGP, PICC, SIPS
  • Technical leadership and enhancement of learned society activities for all VAs in their circles of influence
  • Public and government awareness of what engineering professionals do
  • Career guidance

Participants were charged to report back to their institutions on the abovedevelopments, and to return to the next meeting with suggestions regarding strategies and alignments to tackle these issues.SAICE welcomes thoughts and suggestions from our members in the broad network of Branches, Divisions, Panels, Chapters and Committees.






  1. Shouldn’t that be E=mc^3? (A much more powerful combination!) I am encouraged to see that capacity within government is right at the top of the list. I have long held that this is the biggest retardant of effective service delivery. It is interesting that service delivery itself did not even make the list. Again I agree. The ability of engineers to deliver the goods is not the issue, it is how we deploy the human and financial resources at our disposal.

  2. I would like to make contact with other Capetonians who would like to initiate a local civilution group/team in Cape Town/Western Cape.

    My cell number is 0844 0844 08 and I live in Durbanville.

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