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BUSINESS UNIT: Secunda Synfuels Operations (SSO)

LOCATION: Secunda, Witbank area, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa

By combining the talent of our people and our technological advantage, Sasol has been a pioneer in innovation for over six decades. As market needs and stakeholder expectations have changed, so too have our methods, facilities and products, driving progress to deliver long-term shareholder value sustainably.

Secunda Synfuels Operations (SSO) is one of the five Operating Hubs that forms part of Sasol’s Southern African Operations, and is a 100% Sasol-owned facility. Secunda Synfuels Operations operates the world’s only commercial coal-based synthetic fuels manufacturing facility, producing synthesis gas (syngas) through coal gasification and natural gas reforming. We use our proprietary technology to convert syngas into synthetic fuel components, pipeline gas and chemical feedstock for the downstream production of solvents, polymers, comonomers and other chemicals.

SSO’s primary internal customers are Sasol Chemicals Operations, Sasol Exploration and Production International and other chemical companies. Carbon is produced for the recarburiser, aluminium, electrode and cathodic production markets.

Purpose of Job / Role Intent

  • Custodian of civil engineering disciplines and technology management in Sasol Synfuels
  • Direct, lead and manage a team of in-house civil engineers and external civil engineering service providers specializing in petrochemical plant design and civil asset management
  • Ensure civil engineering governance on all capital and renewal projects
  • Has a deciding vote on all significant development decisions, including project gate readiness
  • Legally responsible for in-house civil engineering designs
  • Set site-wide civil maintenance standards to ensure statutory compliance to OSHAct, National Civil Engineering Codes and specifications, Sasol specifications and Health and Safety standards
  • Synfuels civil engineering representation at industry forums
  • Expert opinion in Sasol specification compilation and expert consultant on discipline specific topics group wide
  • Lead and manage the development and implementation of a civil asset management (PASS55) system for Synfuels
  • Set civil engineering work practices
  • Manage and ensure the development and implementation of short, medium and long term strategies for all civil assets in Synfuels
  • Manage and ensure the delivery of accurate civil engineering information to relevant stakeholders
  • Lead and manage the Plant Support Function of Civil Engineering for Synfuels, accountable for civil asset health assessments to reduce unintended downtime as well as to influence restoring, maintaining and/or improving civil asset integrity
  • Provide technical expertise and governance to implement continuous improvement and best practices for all civil assets across Synfuels BU’s
  • Functional home for civil engineers including competency development and assessments
  • Manage and control Synfuels civil engineering services contracts
  • Govern and approve Civil Vendor selection, auditing and scope definition
  • Keep Sasol abreast of new developments through management and benchmarking of civil and structural engineering technologies world wide
  • Member of Sasol Secunda Plot plan Steering Committee and Sasol Secunda Spatial Operations Committee governing all applications for land use.

Minimum Qualifications and Experience required

  • BSc (Civil) or BEng (Civil) or equivalent
  • Minimum of 12 years’ experience with exposure to plant maintenance, detail engineering, project execution, training and development of civil engineers
  • Masters in Project or Engineering Management (strong wish)
  • Business qualification (wish)
  • ECSA registration (Strong wish)

Core Elements of Job

Business Results

    • To interpret and translate business requirements into a Civil Engineering strategy to:
      • Enable Synfuels to safely meet production targets
      • Deliver integrated and in-time discipline specific Civil engineering support to the Synfuels complex to improve stability of the Synfuels operating units
      • Provide short term, intermediate and long-term quality Civil Engineering solutions for Synfuels
    • Lead and direct in-house Civil Engineering resources and external civil engineering service providers to ensure optimal business performance, operational delivery and functional sustainability
    • Ensure governance of practices for the disciplines including monitoring and audits
    • Establish centers of excellence and networks to enable optimum technical solutions
    • Manage interfaces between other engineering disciplines, maintenance, projects and external technical community to ensure quality service delivery and benchmarking
    • Lead, manage team of civil engineers who monitor, influence and improve functional availability and functional redundancy health of Synfuels civil assets
    • Select, manage and roll out civil engineering best practices
    • Lead and manage team to develop and justify life extension strategies through engineer out opportunities, improved maintenance practices, refurbishment and renewal

Leadership and Strategic Direction

  • Lead and manage the development of Civil Engineering Strategies
  • Translate and manage the execution of the technical support strategy objectives and plans to achieve business targets:
  • Prioritise, translate/cascade goals and long-term plans through effective two-way communication in the organisation
  • Identify improvement opportunities and manage the implementation of timeous optimum improvement solutions
  • Demonstrate One Sasol Way behaviour – drive deliverables for the benefit of the larger Sasol value chain
  • Lead multi-level interfaces and integrate effectively within a matrix organisation structure
  • Lead interactions with relevant internal and external stakeholders

Governance, compliance and risk management

  • Interpret OSHAct, National Civil Engineering Codes and specifications, Sasol specifications and other health and safety requirements and set site-wide work procedures to achieve required compliance
  • Define and manage the development of discipline specific standards and best practices
  • Accountable for the quality management of engineering solutions for all projects and ensure delivery on technical intent
  • Legal accountability for in-house engineering designs and recommendations
  • Roads and road infrastructures
  • Underground sewer systems, Potable and raw water systems
  • Concrete and steel structures
  • Ash, coal and process water dams
  • Fire damage assessments and passive fireproofing specialist
  • In-house civil engineering specification compilation and design reviews
  • Facilitate complex engineering repairs
  • Fitness for service assessment
  • Set refurbishment standards, priorities, business improvement plans
  • Support Project COE with regards to engineering track in reviews – projects
  • Civil manager  role in stage gate reviews, HAZOPs, MFD, MCFD, model reviews
  • Ensure discipline specific quality assurance such as: vendor selection, technology selection, technical specification reviews, technical bid analysis, client design reviews, punching, EOJ documentation reviews
  • Deviation control in all (discipline related) engineering activities
  • Develop, own and review critical design tools

People Management

  • Manage, development and grow team competencies in line with personalised resource plan
  • Plan and source people capability
  • Provide a succession plan for direct reports and strategic positions
  • Lead and manage the development of advanced training programmes for civil engineers
  • Set criteria for competency progression of civil engineers
  • Accreditation of civil engineers on a continuous basis
  • Accountable for employee wellness
  • Set and achieve diversity targets
  • Set competence criteria for engineers
  • Provide discipline input into training programs / material
  • Maintain overview of subject matter experts
  • Coach, mentor and guide civil engineers
  • Set decision criteria and support on recruitment, promotion and performance management of engineers

Financial Management

  • Compile and manage annual budget
  • Manage and control cost to within budget
  • Manage external service provider spend
  • Manage cash flows

SHE Performance

  • Manage the development  and maintenance of  risk register
  • Manage risks by making sure that all identified risks are, analysed and mitigated to acceptable levels
  • Manage the execution of SHE strategy to achieve zero harm

Continuous Improvement; Knowledge Transfer

  • Specialist/expert development in petrochemical plant civil engineering
  • Perform technology surveys  and keep up to date with technical developments in area
  • Participation in industry forums (Concrete-, structural steel-, PFP forum, SAICE)
  • Share expert knowledge, attention to detail and networks to solve complex technical problems
  • Incorporate the knowledge and experience gained into existing systems
  • Share expert knowledge in own team and at all other levels
  • Consultation to maintenance, plant support engineers, procurement and supply, AIA, project managers, other discipline engineers etc
  • Mentor / coach engineers
  • Business family leader for civil engineers
  • Compilation of training program for civil engineers
  • Develop training program for civil technicians and evaluate progress.

Enquiries & CV submissions:

Phumzile Mnisi – Technical Talent Sourcing Specialist at Sasol

E-mail: phumzile.mnisi@sasol.com ; Tel: +27 17 610 5008

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