The SAICE Railways & Harbours Divisional meeting took place on 28 July at 10h00 at the TNPA House in the Western Cape. Mr Keith Mackie opened the meeting by welcoming all attendees and honoured Professor Emeritus (Tony) Kilner, a doyen of South Africa’s coastal and harbour engineering, as patron for the day.

Mr Johan De Koker reported that he had discussed the feasibility of a sub-committee of the Railway and Harbour Division in Cape Town to specialise in Coasts and Harbours. This was further iterated amongst meeting attendees who concluded in agreement that it was a good idea. Mr De Koker was then tasked to discuss the matter further with the Executive Board for a final decision.

Other matters that were discussed collectively included waves (Generation, dispersal, freak waves, refraction, diffraction, and shoaling, breaking, run-up), sediments (beach morphology, beach stability, dunes, dredging, groins), marine geophysics, corrosion, harbours (Breakwaters, quays & jetties, cargo handling, dry docking, navigation (tides, ships, fenders, anchors), marine construction, sea level and instability (sea level rise).

Organisational issues raised and discussed were:

  • Individual membership of SAICE
  • Individual membership of the Railways & Harbours Division of SAICE
  • The association of the new Coasts & Harbours chapter with the existing Railways & Harbours committee
  • What arrangements will we make concerned persons who do not qualify for SAICE membership?

The Steering Committee concluded that they would a month from the day’s meeting meet at the offices of Stefannitti and Stock to implement business and report back to the listed participants within one week.


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