Which University and University of Technology graduates are most sought after in the civil engineering consulting and construction industries in South Africa in relation to the various technical disciplines of Civil Engineering – water supply & sanitation, water resource management, structural, geotechnical, traffic & transportation, project & construction management, environmental, railways and marine? And why?

SAICE in partnership with CESA (and potentially SAFCEC), will be issuing a membership survey to identify industry sentiment on the matter.This will be the first of an ongoing university preference assessment of graduate technical skills from industry and organisations involved in the civil engineering/construction sector.

The purpose of the survey is to obtain sufficient data to make an objective comparison of preferences with a view to identifying the deviations and interrogating the possible reasons. The results of the survey will be used to launch a series of initiatives which may be embarked on to address the challenges identified to support Tertiary Institutions in maintaining a largely uniform standard within the technical disciplines in Civil Engineering.

This is not a programme accreditation exercise, it is an Industry Survey!





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