It’s all systems go as SAICE and Hypenica (Pty) Ltd finalise their partnership for the 2016 CIVILUTION Congress which is set to take place [at Gallagher Estate between 9-10 May.

Steven Kaplan COO of SAICE and Devi Paulsen, CEO of Hypenica (Pty) Ltd, met on 15 September 2015 to formalise the agreement. The theme of the congress centres around  Accountability, and hopes to re-position engineering to its rightful place, to utilise engineering skills assets to the full, to actively work towards removing hindrances that preclude engineering practitioners from doing what they should be doing, and to approach things differently over the next decade.

The term CIVILUTION aptly illustrates what we need to do to redress the parlous state of the industry, namely to raise and address controversial issues that will enable all engineers to fulfil their rightful roles, and for the industry to provide an improved service to the various constituencies that benefit from engineering.  There is a vast host of challenges which need to be addressed – corruption, tenderpreneuring, collusion, lack of training, mentorship being a band aid solution and changing of mind sets amongst others.

With Civilution we are trying to move away from the current state of shambles and to achieve a state of nirvana – a flourishing industry which holds enough work for all, a place where civil engineers are again a trust worthy source of advice, where the graduates are trained on the job, where salaries are high, institutions are financially strong, where the infrastructure economy is thriving, we want a manifestation of the industry within the public and the public sectors.



  1. I would like to come to the conference but asking where will the conference take place and who will pay the money for coming to the conference

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