Knight Piesold entered a new era of transformation and innovation celebrating 95 years of industry excellence by hosting a celebratory lunch at the Randpark Golf Club.

The event was well attended by industry who enjoyed a fascinating talk by Clem Sunter who is a world-renowned scenario planner and has been dubbed as “the speaker who has made the most significant contribution to best practice and business in South Africa”.

It is a refreshing thought to know that companies like Knight Piesold are adopting the mental process of ingenuity and genuinely care about the industry and where it is headed.

Cheers to many more years of transformation and innovation success. Well done!

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  1. What an awesome event celebrating 95 years of engineering excellence in Africa by Knight Piésold. A massive thanks to Clem Sunter for encapsulating the challenges South Africa faces right now so succinctly and how to plan for them in future. Brigitte you sum things up well for the 95 YO firm when you talk about the mental process of ingenuity at Knight Piésold and that you have identified that we genuinely care about where the industry is headed.

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