The Awards event took place at the Premier Hotel OR Tambo on the evening of 11 October 2011. We announced our winners to a ballroom packed to capacity with civil engineering guests, clients and dignitaries.

For more info contact Zina Girald at SAICE National Office on +27 (11) 805 5947 or e-mail:

The SA Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) promotes cutting edge technology, upholding quality and world-class standards and encourages its members to extend their skills to compete in the global village. The objectives of the award for the most outstanding civil engineering achievement are:
to give recognition to well engineered civil projects,
to portray the art and science of civil engineering to the general public
and to publicize how the profession finds answers to challenging problems.
Numerous projects in three categories, technical excellence, community-based projects and international projects, are entered for the most outstanding civil engineering achievement each year on a regional level. The winners from the regional competitions are submitted by the relevant branch chairperson to SAICE National Office.

By 1 July every year, unless otherwise stipulated, the winners of the regional competitions are submitted to be sent to:

SAICE National Office
Attention: Zina Girald
Private Bag X200
Halfway House

International project entries can be submitted directly to the address above. The same goes for projects that are located in areas where the SAICE regional branch is dormant.

National Office organizes a panel of experts that adjudicate the projects and the winners are announced at a black tie function that takes place on an annual basis.

The first competition took place in 1965.

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  1. It depends on the olnine school, how it’s accredited, and where you plan to practice. In the US, you must attend an appropriately accredited civil engineering school, or you can not take the licensing exam, and you can not practice as a civil engineer. So, olnine or not, the type of professional accreditation is what you want to research. If the program isn’t appropriately accredited, by I think it’s ABET, then it’s not worth your time or money. If you decide to go olnine, and can find a reputable program that is accredited, then try to attend a school that has a good offline rep for it’s brick and mortar university. So, not U of Phoenix, but instead look at:- Rensselaer Polytechnic- Worcester Polytechnic- Brooklyn Polytechnic- UMass Amherst- U Maryland- Ball State- U NebraskaThese schools all offer engineering, some may offer it olnine. All have good offline reps, and all offer many subjects olnine. I will link to the related Wiki page on civil engineering, because it’s info on licensure for various countries is quite on point. In fact, check to see if your local community college has an olnine engineering program some do. That’d save you a lot of money.

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