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The South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) is a learned society that acts as a catalyst for innovation and good practice in the growth of the civil engineering profession. SAICE has a membership base in excess of 15 000 Civil Engineering professionals, and is involved in the development of policies, standards, structures, and systems that impact infrastructure at national and international levels. Our aim is to advance professional knowledge and improve the practice of civil engineering; and support our student members, graduate members and corporate members through our portfolio of benefits which embrace mentorship, career guidance and capacity building. Let us help you shape your world of civil engineering!

SAICE for Members

SAICE is committed to supporting the needs and interests of our members by creating an effective communication channel to provide our members with continuing education in technical, managerial and communication skills; and advancing the professional ethics of the civil engineering profession. Become a SAICE member today and see the endless opportunities that we have to offer you in reaching your goals!


SAICE for upcoming Civil Engineers

SAICE is a learned society – a society of branches and divisions, a centre of excellence for civil engineering knowledge, a source of industry guidance and a provider of resources to encourage innovation and excellence. We represent the civil engineering profession in the press, the public, government and perhaps your future opportunity for a wonderful career. SAICE can take you to the next level of your career development – so let us support your journey to becoming professionally qualified by becoming a member today!


SAICE for Corporates

With a focus on civil engineering being at the heart of South Africa’s service delivery in improving the quality of life for future generations, trust SAICE to shape your world and strive for excellence for your civil engineers. We avail numerous benefits and opportunities for your organisation to advance the careers of your civil engineering professionals. Sponsor your employees to join SAICE today and let us help you advance the development of the next generation of Civil Engineering professional.


Shaping our World

We are a learned society committed to benefitting not only our members but also the industries and communities in which we live! We’re shaping your world by providing the support needed to assist our industry experts and promote the next generation of civil engineering professionals.

Together we can provide quality infrastructure that underpins the country’s social, economic and political growth.


SAICE Strategy – Growing Forward

Be a part of an organisation that has a long-term roadmap and vision dedicated to advancing and promoting South Africa’s built environment for the benefit of improving the quality of life for future generations! The SAICE Growing Forward Strategy comprises eleven focus areas that aim to revolutionise the growth and learning experience for both young and senior engineering professionals, the institution as well as the industry. Become a member today and have access to targeted services and benefits led by experienced Strategy Champions.


SAICE Academy

The SAICE Academy is a value-added service designed to shape your world of civil engineering. The Academy offers a multi-disciplinary range of books and discounted CPD accredited courses aimed at growing and improving your professional development. Join SAICE today to help develop your knowledge and allow us to present you with new advances in the industry, thus maintaining a high standard of engineering practice in South Africa.


SAICE Connect

Are you a student wanting to network with like-minded engineers, find potential employment and be mentored by one of SAICE’s professional mentors? Are you a corporate interested in finding the most suitable employees and advancing the civil engineering profession? SAICE Connect is a member benefit that supports networking and employment opportunities that advance your professional development. Become a member today and take advantage of opportunities to advance your career. .


A Brighter Future for Tomorrow

Through our continuous and ongoing partnerships, as a SAICE student member you have the opportunity to qualify for a bursary through SAICE in partnership with some of our member companies. SAICE is here to help you grow and develop your career! Our corporate members can also partner with us to assist the engineering community in providing opportunities, through a bursary, to help develop the future civil engineering professionals of tomorrow! Become a member today to access these amazing benefits!


Are you ready to become a SAICE member and shape our world?


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