The background to the Seminars is that one of National Treasury’s strategic objectives is to enhance and improve procurement outcomes by designing a procurement system that is better able to deliver value for money, while minimising the scope for corruption. This has resulted in the watershed publication of the National Treasury Standard for Infrastructure Procurement and Delivery Management (SIPDM) which enables the supply chain management system for infrastructure to be separated from that for general goods and services. This standard is required to be implemented by all organs of state which are subject to the PFMA with effect from 1 July 2016, and those subject to the MFMA by 1 July 2017

CESA together with SAICE have agreed to support National Treasury with the capacitation of public sector officials and private sector built environment practitioners, in the effective implementation of this standard. This has led to inter alia the planned presentation of a series of training seminars on the following dates and at the regional centres as indicated.

The seminar will be held over two days to enable participants to gain insights into and in-depth understanding of the practical implementation of the SIPDM. Seminar participants will be provided with templates, performa documents, guidance documents, comprehensive workshop notes etc. and will be invited to undertake a multiple choice question online examination at a later date to verify their understanding of the SIPDM.

The names of those workshop participants who pass the on-line examination, together with their contact details, will be published on a website. Organs of state involved in the implementation of infrastructure projects will be alerted to this list and encouraged to engage with such persons in aligning their current practices with those required by the SIPDM
Accredited with 2 ECSA CPD Credits

Your investment: R2 800.00 (Excl VAT)

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Enquiries can be directed to CESA’s Patricia Fanti at 011 463 2022 or


The latest/updated programme follows:

No City Dates
1 Ekurhuleni – SIPDM (1) 28 Feb, 1 March 2017
2 Durban – SIPDM (1) 28, 29 March 2917
3 Cape Town – SIPDM (1) 25, 26 April 2017
4 Kimberley – SIPDM (1) 16,17 May 2017
5 East London – SIPDM (1) 30, 31 May 2017
6 Port Elizabeth – SIPDM (1) 13, 14 June 2017
7 Bloemfontein – SIPDM (1) 27, 28 June 2017
8 Bombela – SIPDM (1) 11,12 July 2017
9 Polokwane – SIPDM (1) 25, 26 July 2017
10 Rustenburg – SIPDM (1) 10, 11 Aug 2017
11 Ekurhuleni – SIPDM (2) 22, 23 Aug 2017
12 Durban – SIPDM (2) 11, 12 Sept 2017
13 Cape Town – SIPDM (2) 19, 20 Sept 2017
14 Mossel Bay (1) 3, 4 October 2019

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