SAICE recently hosted a group of engineers from Abuja in Nigeria when they visited Gauteng as part of a study tour to South Africa. The group consisted of eight civil engineers and one electrical engineer.

Day one of their visit saw the delegation visit the Daspoort Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW), where they were addressed by Stephen van der Merwe, Deputy Director: Infrastructure Process Development. They were fascinated by the fact that the WWTW is situated in the middle of a city. They were also appreciative of the challenges that are posed by the very high level of nutrient removal that has to be achieved, as well as the disinfection by means of ultraviolet irradiation. Day two, saw the group experience the integrated transportation system at the Gautrain office in Midrand, Gauteng. Mr Olaus van Zyl addressed the delegation and gave them an insider’s tale on the roll-out of this project.

The Nigerians had the opportunity to meet the Premier of Gauteng, the MEC for transport, as well as Mr Jack van der Merwe, CEO of Gautrain Management Agency. The group was taken on a tour of the Gautrain system, travelling from Midrand to Park Station – this is one of the major transport hubs where the Rea Vaya, the municipal bus service, the metro rail system, the taxi service and the Gautrain all interlink. 

The visit has created a platform for ongoing communications between the Nigeria and South Africa.

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