It is just under a month till SAICE’s President and CEO touch down in Bloemfontein, where they will be meeting with regional committee representatives and civil engineering students in the area. The purpose of these visits are to form partnerships that will facilitate collaboration, engagement and plans of action on pertinent matters that pose as serious challenges.

We chatted to members in Bloemfontein last month who shed some insight into the latest developments and current happenings in the area. Notable highlights in Bloemfontein include massive road infrastructure and upgrades on various routes as well as several contractual developments within the region. Like many of our members around the country, tenderpreneuring and the “killing” of small engineering practices seemed to be a common concern as well as the as the need for professional growth of younger engineers. Furthermore, members called upon SAICE to continue to uphold the integrity of the profession by maintaining engineering standards whilst driving initiatives that will combat corruption and issues of procurement.




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