SAICE Arbitrators, Adjudicators and Amicable Settlement Facilitators

  • Procedure for the nomination of an arbitrator, adjudicator, or amicable settlement facilitator

    The SAICE President’s List is available to Parties in a dispute to select an Arbitrator, Adjudicator or Amicable Settlement Facilitator, as the case may be. The person selected should be a person acceptable to both the Parties involved in the dispute. If the Parties are unable to agree on the person, the President of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering will, upon written request of a Party/ies, nominate a person from the list in terms of the contract agreement.

    On receipt of the information, the request will be placed before the President or his or her delegate who will determine the availability of his proposed nominee and whether there are any conflicts of interest. A nomination letter is then addressed to the person selected, with copies to the parties. The nominee will then communicate directly with the parties to accept the nomination and agree with them the terms and conditions of the appointment.


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