The issue of the “Out on a rib” article written by Manglin Pillay has received significant interest from our membership base. We have received numerous responses from concerned members about the ramifications of the article. 

As an organisation, SAICE takes its members’ views and opinions extremely seriously and it would have been remiss of us to not to consider your feedback, both critical and supportive, in the deliberations and discussions regarding Manglin’s role within SAICE. Executive Board members have spent many hours carefully deliberating the matter. It was, however, imperative in terms of good corporate governance and in line with labour legislation, that we followed due process. In the interests of SAICE and its long-term relationship with members, stakeholders and the public in general, Manglin Pillay and the Executive Board of SAICE have agreed to part ways. Manglin’s tenure as CEO has thus been terminated with immediate effect. 

We hope that as an organisation we can learn from this experience and collaborate with our membership and other organisations to strengthen SAICE across all areas of its mandate. To achieve this SAICE calls on all its members to get involved in some way to assist us in taking our exciting service orientated profession to new levels. There are many challenges facing us as South African Civil Engineering practitioners, both in the local and international arenas, ranging from diversity to climate change to materials and technology matters. 

Please feel free to contact me directly on with any suggestions, offers of assistance (human and financial or other), bright ideas etc. I can assure you that the Executive Board will consider all inputs in devising an important update to our strategic plans. 

Yours sincerely, 

Errol Kerst Pr Eng 

2018 SAICE President 


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