1. I am registered with ECSA as a Civil Engineering Technologist (Pr Tech Eng). My job application required me to be registered with ECSA. I also have problems with obtaining CPD points. It costs at least R2 500 per point, or R12 500 per year as a minimum, excluding transport and sometimes accommodation costs. Architects gets a much bigger slice out of a building project than engineers, even though the ECSA disbursement fees are higher than the SACAP fees on a % basis. And then the CPD-costs for engineers is also much higher than for SACAP members and QS’s. Architects get away with as little as R2 800 per year for CPD requirements.

    In my case, working for the Education department of the Western Cape, the director refuses bluntly to pay for my CPD courses, or to give me time off except unpaid leave, to attend the cheapest courses that I can find with only local travelling costs from my own pocket. She insists that she or the department does not get any value out of it. My colleagues at the Health and Public Works dept.’s does not have the same problem. 2 Architects in my directorate are paying for their CPD points out of their own pockets, and also use their annual leave to attend courses. They also said that if they have to pay R13 000 p.a. for CPD, that they will not be able to afford it, even though their salaries are approx. R150 000 more than mine, per year.

    Something needs to be done to make CPD points much less costly, more varied, and more accessible. Each year when I get lists of CPD courses from various instances, they seem to offer the same courses every year. Thus over 5 years, one does not learn much more by means of CPD courses. It is basically only refresher courses.

    I cannot afford to pay R13 000 annually to be able to attend 5 CPD courses per year, for 5 years, in order to be able to continue my registration for a further 5 years. So when my re-registration date comes up next year, I will have no choice but to let it expire, due to the costs being unaffordable.

  2. Dear Johan,

    You web comment below refers.

    I advise that you spend a bit of time reviewing the ECSA Rules: Continuing Professional Development and Renewal of Registration. I have attached a copy for reference. Please check Appendix A – I have highlighted a few sections for reference.
    There are several ways to earn points – it’s not only about attending paid for courses.
    In an annual cycle:

    Category 1: Developmental Activities – maximum 4 points per annum
    Category 2: Work-based Activities – Engineering work: maximum 2 points per annum
    Mentoring: maximum 1 point per annum
    Category 3: Individual Activities – Membership of a VA: maximum 1 point per annum
    Other activities: maximum 3 points per annum

    You get up to 2 points per year by working for an engineering firm
    You get up to 1 point per year by being a member of SAICE
    You get up to 1 point per year by attending SAICE branch meetings (10 hours) – which is an excellent networking opportunity.
    You get up to 1 point per year by mentoring a candidate technician (50 hours) – keep timesheets.

    I think you only have to get at 1 credit per year in Category 1 (please confirm this with ECSA). So that’s only 1 day of coursework per year. This should set you back about R3000 depending on the course you select.
    The rest you can obtain from elsewhere.

    I hope this helps.

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