Executive Summary

The purpose of this document is to serve as a guideline for the operations of the SAICE International Panel, and to provide a structured system for the panel and international bodies associating with SAICE, to function within.

SAICE is a large organisation with a complex operational structure that includes committees, panels, divisions and branches, with the main administrative functions carried out at SAICE’s national office in Midrand, Johannesburg. The SAICE International Panel, through its interactions and activities, impacts all its members, volunteers, committees, panels, chapters, and the board and council of SAICE.

As with all units that make SAICE functional and effective, the SIP requires enthusiastic and passionate volunteers who have experience in their respective roles, to participate in opportunities offered by SAICE. The SIP also requires volunteers to actively engage with the processes and people to achieve the mandate of the SIP and the broader mission and vision of SAICE.

In keeping with the key objectives of the SIP, it important to create, operate and maintain healthy relationships with all international organizations. While tendering to existing relationships and persevering to create new ones across our shores, it is equally important for SAICE to place deliberate emphasis on sharing knowledge and establishing relationships within the African continent.