SAICE has added two new topics to its portfolio of training for 2019. Aimed at equipping professionals in the civil industry to communicate ideas more efficiently in reports and presentations, these workshops have been designed with the engineer in mind. Industry-based examples and practical activities based on the participants’ own work make these workshops particularly valuable.


Report Writing for Individuals and Teams


This is a process-based course giving participants an opportunity to work through document production from inception to release. This two-day workshop is designed to assist participants to transition from classical academic technical writing to the more contemporary style of modern corporate technical reports. The aim is to produce reports that demonstrate best practice, up-to-date trends and that are streamlined and interesting. Considering the team-writing nature of engineering reports, this workshop addresses these challenges whilst reinforcing the fundamental principles and practice of good technical writing.

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Presenting Skills for Technical Types


This course looks at the skills needed to present complex technical ideas in ways that add value to a project. This two-day workshop is designed to equip participants to become more confident, interesting and effective in their technical presentations.

The focus is on presenting complex ideas in ways that hold the audience’s attention and achieve the desired objectives in day-to-day client and team engagements.

Designed and facilitated by technical communication coach Elaine Matchett, these workshops offer a fresh approach to developing skills that are essential to the industry. Elaine says, “The fact that reports are project deliverables, and that presentations play a key role in project development and delivery, highlights the need for constant improvement in these areas. Time is precious and expensive so the less of it we waste, the better. Technical communication should be clear, concise and compelling.”

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About the Presenter

Elaine is a language professional with a technical background in Speech-Language Therapy and Audiology. She holds an MA in Linguistics for the Language Professions with a focus on intercultural communication. She will be presenting small-group workshops around the country starting in Midrand, Gauteng in April 2019.

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