SAICE recently carried out a general survey to assess the sentiment of engineering professionals wishing to explore careers in the public sector. This survey was carried out in association with the 3 largest engineering associations, namely, the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE), South African Institute of Mechanical Engineers (SAIMechE) and Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA). Of a total of 1367 engineering professionals surveyed, 932 (68%) engineering professionals indicated a willingness to work in the public sector. A further 50.3% indicated that they were willing to work in rural areas

SAICE embarked on this survey in an effort to update the results of an independent study it carried out in 2012 which also revealed similarly positive results. The results of the survey have provided valuable insight that has assisted the engineering associations to determine the argument put forward to relevant Ministers in the public sector in response to the contentious and persistent issue of ailing technical capacity in the public sector.


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  1. Hi, when completing the questionnaire, as far as I recall, we indicated what fee/salary range we would consider. Was that information included in your “argument”?

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