Gold Metal Award Members

The Gold Medal is the highest honour that can be bestowed by the Institution on a Corporate Member.

The criteria for the award are:

To give recognition to a person who:

  • As a leader in the profession of civil engineering over a number of years has made an outstanding contribution to civil engineering in South Africa
  • Has contributed substantially to the status of the engineering profession by exemplary professional conduct and the establishment of a high reputation for professional service
  • Has, as a member, rendered meritorious service to the Institution over a number of years.

  • 2018    no award made
  • 2017    Kevin Wall, Sam Amod
  • 2016    no award made
  • 2015    Nazil Alli
  • 2014    no award made
  • 2013    Alec Hay
  • 2012    Trueman Goba
  • 2011    no award made
  • 2010    no award made
  • 2009    no award made
  • 2008    no award made
  • 2007    no award made
  • 2006    no award made
  • 2005    Allyson Lawless
  • 2004    no award made
  • 2003    no award made
  • 2002    no award made
  • 2001    Mr RA Pullen
  • 2000    no award made
  • 1999    no award made
  • 1998    no award made
  • 1997    no award made
  • 1996    Mr KG Witthaus
  • 1995    Prof K Knight
  • 1994    H A Loots
  • 1993    Dr A C Liebenberg
  • 1992    E J Hall
  • 1991    H C Blersch
  • 1990    Dr R J Laburn
  • 1989    Dr J P Kriel
  • 1979    Prof D C Midgley
  • 1978    T C Watermeyer
  • 1973    Prof D W de Vos
  • 1968    Col W P F McLaren
  • 1963    Prof J E Jennings
  • 1958    Prof W G Sutton
  • 1953    F E Kanthack

Corporate Members

Honorary Fellow

An Honorary Fellow is a person of distinction on whom the Council wishes to bestow honour because of:

  • His or her services to the Institution;
  • His or her services to the civil engineering profession; or
  • His or her eminence.
Title First Name Middle Names Surname Professional Suffix Initials Date Joined Category
Dr Marius Theodorus De Waal Pr. Eng M T 1951/10/11 Honorary Fellow
Mr Louis De Waal Pr. Eng L 1965/04/02 Honorary Fellow
Prof Frederick Hugo Pr. Eng F 1962/08/09 Honorary Fellow
Dr Hendrik Albertus D Kirsten Pr. Eng H A D 1972/02/11 Honorary Fellow
Dr Pieter Willem Bingle Kruger Pr. Eng P W B 1965/06/08 Honorary Fellow
Mr Clifford Matcham McMillan C M 1968/11/25 Honorary Fellow
Mr Robert Alexander Pullen Pr. Eng R A 1966/02/28 Honorary Fellow
Dr Theophiel Petrus Clotilda Van Robbroeck T P C 1960/04/14 Honorary Fellow
Mnr David Benjamin Botha Pr. Eng D B 1980/01/18 Honorary Fellow
Mnr Willem Daniel Claassen Pr. Eng W D 1968/02/26 Honorary Fellow
Dr Peter William Day Pr. Eng P W 1982/09/08 Honorary Fellow
Mr Michael Robert Denys Deeks Pr. Eng M R D 1982/07/14 Honorary Fellow
Dr Geraint Alan Jones Pr. Eng G A 1969/06/30 Honorary Fellow
Mrs Allyson Lawless Pr. Eng A 1980/04/11 Honorary Fellow
Mr Neil Alastair Macleod Pr. Eng N A 1977/05/13 Honorary Fellow
Mr Anthony Stuart Murray Pr. Eng A S 1967/03/20 Honorary Fellow
Dr Michael John Shand Pr. Eng M J 1977/05/13 Honorary Fellow
Dr Martinus Van Veelen Pr. Eng M 1981/04/10 Honorary Fellow
Dr Kevin Charles Arthur Wall Pr. Eng K C A 1973/05/11 Honorary Fellow
Dr Ronald Basil Watermeyer Pr. Eng R B 1983/01/12 Honorary Fellow
Prof Yunus Ballim Y 1980/04/11 Honorary Fellow
Mr Brian Cameron Bruce Pr. Eng B C 1990/06/07 Honorary Fellow
Mr Trueman Tandabantu Goba Pr. Eng T T 1984/01/13 Honorary Fellow
Dr Petrus Arnoldus Pienaar Pr. Eng P A 1986/11/14 Honorary Fellow
Mr Salim Abdul Sathar Amod Pr. Eng S A S 1993/01/31 Honorary Fellow
Dr Sivandran Munsami Gounden S M 1993/01/31 Honorary Fellow
Mr Seetella Ntsibo Makhetha Pr. Eng S N 1993/01/31 Honorary Fellow
Prof Arnold Michael Muller Pr. Eng A M 1999/10/08 Honorary Fellow
Mr Brian Kelvin Tait Pr Tech Eng B K 1993/01/31 Honorary Fellow
Mr Egbertus Theodorus Pauw E T 1993/01/31 Honorary Fellow
Mr Owen Leslie Wentzel Pr Tech Eng O L 1974/01/31 Honorary Fellow
Mr Iain MacFarlane Pr Tech Eng I 1993/01/31 Honorary Fellow
Mr Rodney James Cecil Nay R J C 1993/01/31 Honorary Fellow
Mr Thomas William McKune Pr Tech Eng T W 1993/01/31 Honorary Fellow
Mnr Jan Johannes De Koker Pr Tech Eng J J 1993/01/31 Honorary Fellow
Mr John Tyldesley Pr Tech Eng J 1993/01/31 Honorary Fellow


An Honorary Fellow is a person of distinction on whom the Council wishes to bestow honour because of:

  • In the opinion of the Executive Board, has achieved sufficient status in the civil engineering profession to justify his or her election;
  • Is not less than thirty-six years of age; and
  • Has been a corporate member for at least five years; the Executive Board may in exceptional circumstances waive this requirement.
Title First Name Middle Names Surname Professional Suffix Initials Date Joined Category
Mr Keith Allardice Pr. Eng K 1980/04/11 Fellow
Mr Alastair Thomas Palmer Bishop Pr. Eng A T P 1979/06/15 Fellow
Mnr Pieter Anne Willem Boorsma Pr. Eng P A W 1978/10/13 Fellow
Mr David Budler Pr. Eng D 1983/01/12 Fellow
Mnr Johannes Petrus Du Plessis Pr. Eng J P 1976/01/16 Fellow
Mnr Louis Gabriel Fourie Pr. Eng L G 1979/11/09 Fellow
Mr Alan John Foden Pr. Eng A J 1973/03/09 Fellow
Mr Andrew Lindsay Griffiths Pr. Eng A L 1982/10/13 Fellow
Dr Hermanus Stefanus Joubert Pr. Eng H S 1980/03/07 Fellow
Mr Errol Kerst Pr. Eng E 1973/05/11 Fellow
Mr Michael Garth Latimer Pr. Eng M G 1982/10/13 Fellow
Mr Nicolaas Frans Maas Pr. Eng N F 1981/06/12 Fellow
Mnr Theodor Maeder Pr. Eng T 1981/06/12 Fellow
Mr Michael Gordon Marsden Pr. Eng M G 1981/02/13 Fellow
Mnr Cornelius Johannes Marx Pr. Eng C J 1978/10/13 Fellow
Mr Graeme Andrew McGill Pr. Eng G A 1981/03/13 Fellow
Mr Colin Stewart Miller Pr. Eng C S 1973/05/11 Fellow
Mr Brian John Middleton B J 1980/07/03 Fellow
Mr Denis Martin Mullane Pr. Eng D M 1978/08/11 Fellow
Dr Friedrich Johannes Mulke Pr. Eng F J 1981/05/08 Fellow
Mr Leon Charles Oosthuizen Pr. Eng L C 1979/08/17 Fellow
Mr Mogamat Seddique Orrie Pr. Eng M S 1981/04/10 Fellow
Mr Peter John Fleming Oscroft Pr. Eng P J F 1982/08/11 Fellow
Mr Michael Pavlakis Pr. Eng M 1976/11/12 Fellow
Mr Derek Raymond Paul Pr. Eng D R 1982/10/13 Fellow
Mr James Clifford Perkins Pr. Eng J C 1976/04/09 Fellow
Mr Gonaseelan Veresamy Poonan Pr. Eng G V 1983/03/09 Fellow
Mr John Terry Pidgeon Pr. Eng J T 1978/11/17 Fellow
Mnr Wynand Jacobus Roos Pr. Eng W J 1975/07/18 Fellow
Mnr Christiaan Scheepers Pr. Eng C 1977/11/15 Fellow
Mr Andrew Campbell Stewart Smith Pr. Eng A C S 1967/05/22 Fellow
Mr Kenneth Logan Stewart Pr. Eng K L 1976/01/16 Fellow
Mr Arthur Taute Pr. Eng A 1983/02/09 Fellow
Dr Sebastiaan Christo van As Pr. Eng S C 1968/03/25 Fellow
Mnr Johannes Paul Van der Westhuizen Pr. Eng J P 1982/08/11 Fellow
Mr Michael Van Wieringen Pr. Eng M 1977/06/17 Fellow
Prof Alex Theo Visser Pr. Eng A T 1974/01/14 Fellow
Mr John Anthony Wates Pr. Eng J A 1980/11/07 Fellow
Mr Vincent Welby-Solomon Pr. Eng V 1972/07/14 Fellow
Mr Bryan James Westcott Pr. Eng B J 1976/12/11 Fellow
Mnr Isak Stefanus Venter Pr. Eng I S 1981/03/13 Fellow
Dr John Frederick Wallace Zietsman Pr. Eng J F W 1977/03/18 Fellow
Prof Neil Philip Armitage Pr. Eng N P 1986/10/14 Fellow
Mr Trevor Ian Balzer Pr. Eng T I 1973/10/12 Fellow
Mr Keith Bokelman Pr. Eng K 1977/03/18 Fellow
Mnr Wolter Bijker Pr. Eng W 1985/01/11 Fellow
Mr Mark Andrew Crossman Pr. Eng M A 1987/10/09 Fellow
Mr Rodney Glyn Dicks Pr. Eng R G 1984/12/10 Fellow
Mnr Gerard de Villiers Pr. Eng G 1985/04/12 Fellow
Mr Walter De Vallier Pr. Eng W 1986/10/14 Fellow
Mr David Eugene Erasmus Pr. Eng D E 1988/02/12 Fellow
Prof Philip Robert Everitt Pr. Eng P R 1971/07/26 Fellow
Mnr Henry Allan Fagan Pr. Eng H A 1984/02/10 Fellow
Mr Peter Ronald Ashbr Flower Pr. Eng P R A 1987/05/08 Fellow
Mnr Frederick Hugo Foster Pr. Eng F H 1984/07/13 Fellow
Mr Francis John George Gibbons Pr. Eng F J G 1975/04/21 Fellow
Dr Christopher Edward Herold Pr. Eng C E 1984/11/09 Fellow
Mr Thomas Rupert Tobias Hemsted Pr. Eng T R T 1975/04/21 Fellow
Mr John Cellarius Hulme Pr. Eng J C 1983/08/10 Fellow
Dr Graham Conrad Howell Pr. Eng G C 1986/06/13 Fellow
Prof Emile Horak Pr. Eng E 1984/10/12 Fellow
Mr Kevin Mason James Pr. Eng K M 1981/05/08 Fellow
Mnr Andries Johannes Joubert Pr. Eng A J 1984/07/13 Fellow
Mr Steven Harry Kaplan Pr. Eng S K 1981/07/10 Fellow
Mnr Manfred Kloos Pr. Eng M 1991/10/16 Fellow
Mnr Deon Kruger Pr. Eng D 1978/12/05 Fellow
Mnr Paul Johannes Le Roux Pr. Eng P J 1977/03/18 Fellow
Dr Barend Frederik Loubser Pr. Eng B F 1981/10/09 Fellow
Dr Hylton Kenneth James Macdonald Pr. Eng H K J 1987/04/10 Fellow
Mr Ian Alexander Colville McDonald Pr. Eng I A C 1984/02/10 Fellow
Mr Wallace Miles Mayne Pr. Eng W M 1985/09/13 Fellow
Dr Vernon Marshall Pr. Eng V 1985/02/08 Fellow
Mr Nolan Marsh Pr. Eng N 1983/05/18 Fellow
Mr Pieter Jacobus Nel Pr. Eng P J 1979/10/12 Fellow
Mnr Jan Gerhardus Palm Pr. Eng J G 1987/11/13 Fellow
Mr Charles Henry Alan Ramsay C H A 1973/05/11 Fellow
Mr Roger Bismarck Purchase Pr. Eng R B 1980/04/11 Fellow
Mr Brian William Richardson Pr. Eng B W 1986/10/01 Fellow
Prof Ebenhaezer Rust E 1977/03/18 Fellow
Mr Gideon Friedrich Beyers Slabbert Pr. Eng G F B 1980/05/09 Fellow
Mr Frank Brian Stevens Pr. Eng F B 1986/06/13 Fellow
Mr Johannes Jacobus Streicher Pr. Eng J J 1981/05/08 Fellow
Mr Johannes Styger Pr. Eng J 1984/07/13 Fellow
Mr Michael Rael Taitz Pr. Eng M R 1977/04/14 Fellow
Mr Dominic David Prus Trebicki Pr. Eng D D P 1974/10/11 Fellow
Mr Graham Roy Tyndall Pr. Eng GR 1986/05/13 Fellow
Mnr Pieter Joubert Van Blerk Pr. Eng P J 1987/01/09 Fellow
Dr Mark Berrange Van Ryneveld Pr. Eng M B 1976/04/09 Fellow
Mnr Johannes Hendrik Venter J H 1979/02/23 Fellow
Mnr Johan H Verwey Pr. Eng J H 1996/02/12 Fellow
Mr David Pieter Viljoen Pr. Eng D P 1993/01/31 Fellow
Prof Jan Andries Wium Pr. Eng J A 1979/05/11 Fellow
Mr Henry Frank Herring Pr. Eng H F 1993/09/22 Fellow
Mr Lorenzo Ruggero Secondo Menegaldo Pr. Eng L R S 1980/08/15 Fellow
Mr Alan Robinson Pr. Eng A 1982/06/09 Fellow
Mr Mogamat Faldi Samaai Pr. Eng M F 1986/07/10 Fellow
Mr Gavin Roger Wardle Pr. Eng G R 1994/08/05 Fellow
Mnr Abel Albert Newmark Pr. Eng A A 1993/01/31 Fellow
Dr Allan Richard Wijnberg Pr. Eng A R 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Anthony Patrick Gates Pr. Eng A P 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Peter Gerhard Fischer Pr. Eng P G 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr John Oswald Craig Pr. Eng J O 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Karl Bailey Pr. Eng K 1993/01/31 Fellow
Dr Musa Stefane Furumele Pr. Eng M S 1993/01/31 Fellow
Dr Ronald Scot McKenzie Pr. Eng R S 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Anthony John Smith Pr. Eng A J 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Afonso Victor Freitas De Abreu Pr. Eng A V F 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mnr Wouter Daniel Engelbrecht Pr. Eng W D 1993/01/31 Fellow
Dr Johannes Matthys Robberts Pr. Eng J M 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Deon Du Plessis Pr. Eng D 1994/08/05 Fellow
Mr Craig Michael Simmer Pr. Eng C M 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Dutliff Christiaan Bredenkamp Pr. Eng D C 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Neil Robin Lyners Pr. Eng N R 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mnr Carl Pieter Cronje Bruwer Pr. Eng C P C 1993/11/05 Fellow
Prof Jakobus Andries Du Plessis Pr. Eng J A 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mnr Werner Jerling Pr. Eng W 1993/01/31 Fellow
Ms Anita Loots Pr. Eng A 1993/09/22 Fellow
Mr Craig Robert Sutherland Pr. Eng C R 1993/01/31 Fellow
Prof Wynand Jacobus Van Der Merwe Steyn Pr. Eng W J V 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Alain Claude Meyrick Jacquet Pr. Eng A C M 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Aligasen Mogann Naidu Pr. Eng A M 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Andrew Michael Copeland Pr. Eng A M 1993/01/31 Fellow
Prof Elizabeth Paulina Kearsley Pr. Eng E P 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Timothy John Davidson Pr. Eng T J 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mnr Theo Charl Adams Pr. Eng T C 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Hans-Werner Hartung Pr. Eng H W 1993/01/31 Fellow
Dr Nicolaas Johannes Vermeulen Pr. Eng N J 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mnr Johann Christoff Krogscheepers Pr. Eng J C 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Gavin Paul Byrne Pr. Eng G P 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mnr Willem Frederick Potgieter Pr. Eng W F 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Gerhardus Johannes Keyter Pr. Eng G J 1990/01/06 Fellow
Dr Pieter Pretorius Pr. Eng P 1993/09/22 Fellow
Mrs Malani Padayachee-Saman Pr. Eng M 1990/09/06 Fellow
Mr Errol John Braithwaite Pr. Eng E J 1993/01/31 Fellow
Prof Gerhard Heymann Pr. Eng G 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mrs Mamatseliso Veronica Makhetha Pr. Eng M V 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Rudolf Schwaeble Pr. Eng R 1993/01/31 Fellow
Prof Christopher Patrick Roth Pr. Eng C P 1993/01/31 Fellow
Prof Mitchell Gohnert Pr. Eng M 1993/01/31 Fellow
Prof George C Fanourakis C.Eng G C 1994/01/01 Fellow
Mr Andre Henry Frieslaar Pr. Eng A H 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Petrus Gideon Cilliers Van Blerk Pr. Eng P G C 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mrs Marelize Mostert Pr. Eng M 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Jonathan Mark Duvel Pr. Eng J M 1993/09/22 Fellow
Mr Mark Eyan Ducasse Pr Tech Eng M E 1994/08/05 Fellow
Mnr Hendrik Jakobus Bester Pr. Eng H J 2000/02/08 Fellow
Mr Robin Chetty Pr. Eng R 2008/04/15 Fellow
Dr Michele Kruger Pr. Eng M 2009/11/02 Fellow
Ms Matladi Refilwe Lesufi Pr. Eng M R 2001/02/07 Fellow
Mr Gregory Keith Parrott Pr Tech Eng G K 2001/02/07 Fellow
Mnr Helgard Muller Pr. Eng H 2011/11/07 Fellow
Mr Vishal Krishandutt Pr Tech Eng V 2010/12/01 Fellow
Prof Alex Allan Elvin Pr. Eng A A 2011/07/05 Fellow
Ms Magretha Wilhelmina Vlok Pr Tech Eng M W 2012/05/21 Fellow
Prof Celeste Viljoen Pr. Eng C 2001/08/07 Fellow
Prof Gideon Pieter Adriaan Greeff Van Zijl Pr. Eng G P A G 2002/02/04 Fellow
Mr Mahendren Manicum Pr Tech Eng M 2002/02/04 Fellow
Prof Maria Johanna Wilhelmina Antoinette Vanderschuren M J W A 2002/07/29 Fellow
Mr Rajandran Padavattan Pr Tech Eng R 2002/10/28 Fellow
Mr Josiah Padayachee Pr. Eng J 2002/10/28 Fellow
Prof Jacques Snyman Pr Tech Eng J 2002/10/28 Fellow
Mr Jarendra Reddy Pr. Eng J 2004/05/10 Fellow
Mr Willem Adriaan Brits Pr. Eng W A 2004/03/15 Fellow
Prof Elizabeth Theron Pr Tech Eng E 2004/07/19 Fellow
Mr Mashao Lawrence Lebea Pr. Eng M L 2005/01/19 Fellow
Dr Jan Petrus Van der Berg Pr. Eng J P 2005/03/19 Fellow
Prof Schalk Willem Jacobsz Pr. Eng S W 2005/08/22 Fellow
Dr Pilate Moyo Pr. Eng P 2006/04/28 Fellow
Mr Adrian Michael Peters Pr. Eng A M 2006/04/28 Fellow
Mr William Stephen Humphries Pr. Eng W S 2006/09/29 Fellow
Prof Philip Paige-Green Pr.Sci.Nat P 2006/09/29 Fellow
Dr Michelle Theron Pr. Eng M 2006/09/29 Fellow
Mnr Monro John Jansen Pr. Eng M J 2007/03/27 Fellow
Mr Andrew Graham McKune Pr. Eng A G 2007/04/24 Fellow
Prof Christoffel Jacobus Venter Pr. Eng C J 2007/05/22 Fellow
Dr Francois Johannes Heyns Pr. Eng FJ 2007/06/13 Fellow
Dr Andrew Alan Mather Pr. Eng AA 2007/06/26 Fellow
Mr Kamashan Reddy Pr Tech Eng K 2007/08/29 Fellow
Mr Gavin Michael Clunnie Pr Tech Eng G M 1993/01/31 Fellow
Prof Dhiren Allopi Pr Tech Eng D 1994/01/31 Fellow
Dr Theodore Eduard Beyerhaus Vorster Pr. Eng T E B 1995/05/16 Fellow
Mrs Danai Magugumela Pr. Eng D 1996/02/12 Fellow
Mr Andrew Michael Clothier Pr. Eng A M 1996/02/06 Fellow
Prof Petrus Johannes Gräbe Pr. Eng P J 2005/01/19 Fellow
Mr Malcolm Grant Sharwood Pautz Pr. Eng M G S 1998/06/03 Fellow
Mr Felix Ndlovu Pr. Eng F 1997/01/31 Fellow
Mr Christopher James Campbell Pr. Eng C J 1997/07/29 Fellow
Mr Mopilwane Alfred Marutla Pr. Eng M A 1998/03/10 Fellow
Mr Sundrapragasen Kista Naicker Pr. Eng S K 1998/06/03 Fellow
Mr Mphikeleli Abednigo Thela Pr. Eng M A 1998/06/03 Fellow
Dr Jeffrey Mahachi Pr. Eng J 1998/07/21 Fellow
Mrs Heather Davis Pr. Eng H 1998/10/08 Fellow
Mrs Elizabeth Maria Visser Pr. Eng E M 1999/02/03 Fellow
Mr Anthony James Southwood Pr. Eng A J 2012/09/11 Fellow
Mr Andrew Philip Butlin Pr. Eng A P B 2012/10/15 Fellow
Prof James William Maina Pr. Eng J W 2013/03/08 Fellow
Mr Brandon Ryan Samson Pr Tech Eng B R 2014/04/23 Fellow
Prof Akpofure Efemena Taigbenu Pr. Eng A E 2014/12/12 Fellow
Ms Zeenat Karrim (Ghoor) Pr. Eng Z 2015/12/14 Fellow
Dr Gisela Noelle Kaiser Pr. Eng G N 2017/04/21 Fellow
Mr Bruce Mitchell Engelsman Pr. Eng B M 2019/05/25 Fellow
Mr Graeme Greenwood G 1973/11/09 Fellow
Mr Philip John Wyatt Pr. Eng P J 1981/08/14 Fellow
Mr Rodney Clifford Corin Pr. Eng R C 1983/06/08 Fellow
Mnr Anthony Daniel Abrahamson Pr. Eng A D 1979/06/15 Fellow
Prof Mark Gavin Alexander Pr. Eng M G 1970/07/27 Fellow
Mr Christopher George Atkins Pr. Eng C G 1977/03/18 Fellow
Mr Colin Colborne Andrews Pr. Eng C C 1976/01/16 Fellow
Prof Christo Johannes Bester Pr. Eng C J 1980/01/18 Fellow
Mnr Willem Johannes Botha Pr. Eng W J 1977/06/17 Fellow
Dr Johannes Bosman Pr. Eng J 1969/05/26 Fellow
Mnr Frederik Gerhardus Bosman Pr. Eng F G 1975/09/19 Fellow
Mr Kenneth Owen Bromfield Pr. Eng K O 1968/07/29 Fellow
Mr Graham Malcolm Browne Pr. Eng G M 1981/01/09 Fellow
Mr John Abraham Coetzee Pr. Eng J A 1975/05/19 Fellow
Mr Athol George Cocks Pr. Eng A G 1981/08/14 Fellow
Mnr Jan Hendrik Basson Conradie Pr. Eng J H B 1982/10/13 Fellow
Mr Derek Cosijn Pr. Eng D 1973/01/12 Fellow
Mr Anthony Leighton Cross Pr. Eng A L 1982/02/10 Fellow
Mr Roger Alan Crook Pr. Eng R A 1974/05/24 Fellow
Dr Ignatius Pierre De Villiers Pr. Eng IP 1979/11/09 Fellow
Mnr Anton Diemont Pr. Eng A 1980/01/18 Fellow
Mr John Anthony Duncan Pr. Eng J A 1981/09/11 Fellow
Mr Alan Thomas Espey Pr. Eng A T 1969/04/28 Fellow
Mnr William David Enright Pr. Eng W D 1978/05/12 Fellow
Mr Edmund Mercer Elton Pr. Eng E M 1980/11/07 Fellow
Mr Renato Angelo Gollino Pr. Eng R A 1979/08/17 Fellow
Dr Johannes Haarhoff J 1981/06/12 Fellow
Mr Ronald Mathieson Haiden Pr. Eng R M 1977/11/15 Fellow
Mr Pieter Stephanus Van Heerden Heyns P S V H 1972/04/14 Fellow
Mr John Barry Hooper Pr. Eng J B 1983/01/12 Fellow
Mnr Hermann Theodor Höne Pr. Eng H T 1977/04/14 Fellow
Mr Richard John Holmes Pr. Eng R J 1976/01/16 Fellow
Mr Bengt Erik Gustaf Johansson Pr. Eng B E G 1981/03/13 Fellow
Mr Shirwell Barry Kipps Pr. Eng S B 1976/09/10 Fellow
Mr John Arthur Knott Pr. Eng J A 1981/08/14 Fellow
Mnr Alwyn Gideon Smit Laubscher Pr. Eng A G S 1981/06/12 Fellow
Mr Brian Arundel Lewis Pr. Eng B A 1981/02/13 Fellow
Mr Michael Harry Lomas Pr. Eng M H 1977/01/21 Fellow
Mr Keith Robert MacHutchon Pr. Eng K R 1976/08/13 Fellow
Mr David John McGillewie Pr. Eng D J 1982/02/10 Fellow
Mr Cornelius Jacobus Meintjes Pr. Eng C J 1974/09/13 Fellow
Mr Carlos Silva Mendes Pr. Eng C S 1978/06/16 Fellow
Dr Rodney Vincent Milford R V 1981/02/13 Fellow
Mnr Pieter Francois Meyer Pr. Eng P F 1978/08/11 Fellow
Mnr Pieter Willem Adriaan Nel Pr. Eng P W A 1981/06/12 Fellow
Mr Mark Richard Obree Pr. Eng M R 1982/10/13 Fellow
Mr Ian Hamilton Palmer Pr. Eng I H 1976/04/09 Fellow
Mr Alan Parrock Pr. Eng A 1978/02/17 Fellow
Mr Ronald William Parker Pr. Eng R W 1978/11/17 Fellow
Mr Geoffrey Charles Parker Pr. Eng G C 1973/10/12 Fellow
Mnr Llewellyn Leslie Pike Pr. Eng L L 1982/09/08 Fellow
Mr Gordon Kendall Prestedge Pr. Eng G K 1979/05/11 Fellow
Mr Peter David Pyke Pr. Eng P D 1975/03/17 Fellow
Mr Bruce Andrew Raath Pr. Eng B A 1976/10/08 Fellow
Mr Cecil Alfred Rose Pr. Eng C A 1973/11/09 Fellow
Mr David Alan Rose Pr. Eng D A 1976/01/16 Fellow
Mr Robert Malcolm Royal Pr. Eng R M 1977/10/14 Fellow
Dr John David Sampson Pr. Eng J D 1977/06/17 Fellow
Mr Hans Peter Silbernagl Pr. Eng H P 1981/04/10 Fellow
Mr Richard John Snowden Pr. Eng R J 1981/01/09 Fellow
Mr Robert Allen Stanway Pr. Eng R A 1967/05/22 Fellow
Mnr Hendrik Jacobus Stander Pr. Eng H J 1978/06/16 Fellow
Mr Peter Graham Squires Pr. Eng P G 1967/07/24 Fellow
Mr Andrew Tanner Pr. Eng A 1973/09/11 Fellow
Mr Heronim Julian Tluczek Pr. Eng H J 1982/01/01 Fellow
Mr Leslie Norman Thomson Pr. Eng L N 1980/08/15 Fellow
Prof Barend Wilhelm Janse van Rensburg Pr. Eng B W 1968/02/26 Fellow
Dr Petrus Hendrik Van Niekerk Pr. Eng P H 1977/10/14 Fellow
Mnr Frederick Christiaan Van Zyl Pr. Eng F C 1981/10/09 Fellow
Dr Pieter Schalk Viljoen P S 1978/04/14 Fellow
Mr John William Africa Pr. Eng J W 1984/07/13 Fellow
Mr Christopher John Andrew Pr. Eng C J 1968/01/29 Fellow
Mr Keith Anthony Barnett Pr. Eng K A 1983/07/13 Fellow
Mnr Hendrik Petrus Botha Pr. Eng H P 1983/08/10 Fellow
Mnr Stephanus Johannes Bredenhann Pr. Eng S J 1977/03/18 Fellow
Mr John Nurden Duncan Pr. Eng J N 1987/07/10 Fellow
Mr Carlos Alberto Vaz Esteves Pr. Eng C A V 1982/04/14 Fellow
Mnr Albert Barend Geldenhuys Pr. Eng A B 1984/02/10 Fellow
Mr John Peter Gibberd Pr. Eng J P 1983/07/13 Fellow
Mr Dennis Brian Gibson D B 1985/08/09 Fellow
Mr Colin John Hall Pr. Eng C J 1983/11/09 Fellow
Ms Karen Deborah Hogan-Illenberger Pr. Eng K D 1980/04/11 Fellow
Mrs Joanne Elizabeth Laas Pr. Eng J E 1984/06/08 Fellow
Mr John Redding Jones Pr. Eng J R 1986/07/11 Fellow
Mr Walter Gerhard Johannes Pr. Eng W G 1984/09/14 Fellow
Mr Robin Logan Pr. Eng R 1986/04/11 Fellow
Dr Andrew Richard Lloyd Pr. Eng A R 1975/04/21 Fellow
Mr Colin Gregory Morris Pr. Eng C G 1991/07/17 Fellow
Mr Hasani Stanford Mkhacane Pr. Eng H S 1989/04/13 Fellow
Mnr Johann Heinrich Rauch Pr. Eng J H 1986/07/11 Fellow
Mr Hendrik Johannes Schoeman Pr. Eng H J 1986/06/13 Fellow
Advocate Hubert Thompson Pr. Eng H 1985/11/01 Fellow
Mr Sidney Neville Turner Pr. Eng S N 1983/08/10 Fellow
Mr Arthur Peter Christopher Warner Pr. Eng A P C 1985/01/11 Fellow
Mr Malcolm Loch Watters Pr. Eng M L 1986/05/13 Fellow
Mr John Adrian Weaver Pr. Eng J A 1983/08/10 Fellow
Mr Martin Christopher Woodbridge Pr. Eng M C 1983/07/13 Fellow
Mr Michael Donald Winfield Pr. Eng M D 1987/06/12 Fellow
Mr Pragalathan Dhanapalan Naidoo Pr. Eng P D 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Ganasen Yulganathan Moodley Pr. Eng G Y 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Brian Henry Downie Pr. Eng B H 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Kubentharan Eddie Chinnappen Pr. Eng K E 1993/01/31 Fellow
Prof Walter Michael George Burdzik Pr. Eng W M G 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Nazir Alli N 1999/10/07 Fellow
Mr Arthur Stanley Kretzmann Pr. Eng A S 2003/03/17 Fellow
Mr Benjamin Tibor Czanik Pr. Eng B T 2007/01/31 Fellow
Mr Brian Arthur Holdridge Pr Tech Eng B A 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Hugh Paul Lambert Ahrens Pr. Eng H P L 1961/05/12 Fellow
Mr Cecil John Bettison Pr. Eng C J 1967/04/26 Fellow
Mr Norman Wilfred Dellar Pr. Eng N W 1960/04/14 Fellow
Mnr Sydney Albert Gerber Pr. Eng S A 1961/05/12 Fellow
Mr John Stanley Gregg Pr. Eng J S 1962/04/12 Fellow
Mr Andrew George Hillis McClintock Pr. Eng A G H 1994/04/12 Fellow
Dr Malcolm Fancourt Mitchell Pr. Eng M F 1961/12/04 Fellow
Mr Andries Petrus Cornelius Oosthuizen Pr. Eng A P C 1960/08/11 Fellow
Mnr Jacobus Francois Pienaar Pr. Eng J F 1959/11/12 Fellow
Dr Pieter Coenraad Pretorius Pr. Eng P C 1963/12/04 Fellow
Mr Constant Daniel Roux Pr. Eng C D 1948/11/18 Fellow
Mnr Pierre Antonie Stoffberg Pr. Eng P A 1965/02/04 Fellow
Mr Solly Gerald Stoch Pr. Eng S G 1955/12/08 Fellow
Mr Charles Neville Smith C N 1963/08/26 Fellow
Mr Campbell John Abrahamson Pr. Eng C J 1981/02/13 Fellow
Mr Brian Hartley Alexander B H 1980/03/07 Fellow
Mr Peter Andrew Baird Pr. Eng P A 1972/11/10 Fellow
Mr Emil David Beckerling Pr. Eng E D 1973/09/03 Fellow
Mnr Jacobus Johannes Beytell Pr. Eng J J 1976/09/10 Fellow
Mr Martin Louis Blomerus Pr. Eng M L 1973/01/01 Fellow
Mr Rodney Blackhurst Pr. Eng R 1973/07/13 Fellow
Mr Graham Edward Blyth Pr. Eng G E 1969/01/27 Fellow
Mr Antony Boniface Pr. Eng A 1967/10/23 Fellow
Mr Stanley Arthur Sheard Brown Pr. Eng S A S 1960/04/14 Fellow
Mr Arie Herman Burggraaf Pr. Eng A H 1967/02/27 Fellow
Mr Terence Norman Cockcroft Pr. Eng T N 1965/04/02 Fellow
Mr Nigel Harrison Cornfield Pr. Eng N H 1969/05/26 Fellow
Mr James Alfred Croswell Pr. Eng J A 1965/09/07 Fellow
Mr Michael Francis Dachs Pr. Eng M F 1967/02/27 Fellow
Mnr Etienne Marais De Villiers Pr. Eng E M 1965/04/02 Fellow
Mr Henry De Wet Pr. Eng H 1973/10/12 Fellow
Mr Hendrikus Jacobus Diesveld Pr. Eng H J 1967/04/26 Fellow
Mr Patrick Duffy Pr. Eng P 1968/06/24 Fellow
Mr Bruce Patrick Durow Pr. Eng B P 1967/06/26 Fellow
Mnr Alwyn Jacobus Du Toit Pr. Eng A J 1968/11/25 Fellow
Mnr Cornelius Tertius Du Toit C T 1965/01/29 Fellow
Mr Francisco De Assis Elyseu Pr. Eng F D A 1982/07/14 Fellow
Mr Ian Doyle Fleming Pr. Eng I D 1961/10/12 Fellow
Mnr Phillipus Albertus Froneman Pr. Eng P A 1965/02/04 Fellow
Mr Adriaan Andries Louw Fryer Pr. Eng A A L 1967/04/26 Fellow
Mr Stewart Scott Gibson Pr. Eng S S 1976/01/16 Fellow
Mr Dudley Garner Pr. Eng D 1967/03/20 Fellow
Mr Neville Ernest Gurry Pr. Eng N E 1969/06/30 Fellow
Mr Waldemar Gustav Haese Pr. Eng W G 1964/09/04 Fellow
Dr Wolfgang Friedrich Heinz Pr. Eng W F 1966/04/25 Fellow
Mr Brian Edwin Hollingworth Pr. Eng B E 1969/11/24 Fellow
Mnr Hartmut Klaus Hoffmann Pr. Eng H K 1972/10/18 Fellow
Mr Denis Arthur Hopewell Pr. Eng D A 1965/06/08 Fellow
Mr Gert Erhard Hoppe G E 1966/01/25 Fellow
Mr Charles William David Horne Pr. Eng C W D 1970/04/27 Fellow
Mr John Richard Howard Pr. Eng J R 1969/01/27 Fellow
Mr William Irwin W 1965/01/29 Fellow
Mr John Hyland J 1973/11/09 Fellow
Mr David William Janisch Pr. Eng D W 1968/09/30 Fellow
Prof Eugene Pierre Janse van Vuuren Pr. Eng E P 1971/05/24 Fellow
Mr Christopher Campbell Jarvis Pr. Eng C C 1975/03/17 Fellow
Mr Ian Gordon Jefferiss Pr. Eng I G 1980/06/13 Fellow
Dr Pieter Willem Jordaan Pr. Eng P W 1965/08/03 Fellow
Mr Eduard Godfried Kleyn Pr. Eng E G 1974/01/14 Fellow
Mr David Robin Welsh Kirkwood Pr. Eng D R W 1968/01/29 Fellow
Mr Robert Hawker Kingdon Pr. Eng R H 1964/10/06 Fellow
Mr Noel Marius Krige Pr. Eng N M 1959/09/09 Fellow
Mr David Ralfe Lyddell Pr. Eng D R 1971/04/26 Fellow
Mnr Pierre Christo Lombard Pr. Eng P C 1967/08/21 Fellow
Prof Stanford Staples Long Pr. Eng S S 1973/10/12 Fellow
Dr Johannes Petrus Lourens Pr. Eng J P 1976/08/13 Fellow
Mr Donovan Campbell Robin Mackellar Pr. Eng D C R 1962/04/12 Fellow
Mr Keith Patrick Mackie Pr. Eng K P 1962/04/12 Fellow
Prof Robert Thorburn McCutcheon Pr. Eng R T 1967/10/23 Fellow
Mr Andrew Leslie Melvill Pr. Eng A L 1967/08/21 Fellow
Mr Brian Kinross Meredith Pr. Eng B K 1967/02/27 Fellow
Mnr Tertius Minnie Pr. Eng T 1975/05/19 Fellow
Mr Richard Lloyd Millard Pr. Eng R L 1971/04/26 Fellow
Mr Lehlohonolo Ebenezer Moahloli Pr. Eng L E 1977/07/15 Fellow
Mr Lionel William Moore Pr. Eng L W 1976/04/09 Fellow
Mr Alastair Terris Mathew Morgan Pr. Eng A T M 1973/03/09 Fellow
Mr John Phillip Llewellyn Morgan Pr. Eng J P L 1966/01/25 Fellow
Mr Neville Herbert Naylor Pr. Eng N H 1975/03/17 Fellow
Mr Louis Philip Nutt Pr. Eng L P 1960/08/11 Fellow
Mr Jorge Manuel Costa de Oliveira Nunes Pr. Eng J M C 1975/07/18 Fellow
Mr Errol David Nordin E D 1967/02/27 Fellow
Mr David Lawrence Orton Pr. Eng D L 1969/11/24 Fellow
Mr Evelyn James Robin Phillips Pr. Eng E J R 1962/07/16 Fellow
Dr William Vernon Pitman Pr. Eng W V 1968/01/29 Fellow
Mnr Roland Peter Desiderius Antonius Prukl Pr. Eng R P D 1979/02/23 Fellow
Mr Barry Henry Puttergill Pr. Eng B H 1962/04/12 Fellow
Mr Philip John Pybus Pr. Eng P J 1964/11/03 Fellow
Mr Marthinus Johannes du Toit Rautenbach M J D 1968/08/26 Fellow
Mnr Jacobus Esaias Raubenheimer Pr. Eng J E 1970/01/26 Fellow
Mr Clive Benton Raaff Pr. Eng C B 1965/08/03 Fellow
Prof Johannes Verster Retief Pr. Eng J V 1967/06/26 Fellow
Mr Colin Philip Richter Pr. Eng C P 1968/10/31 Fellow
Mr Edward John Robertson Pr. Eng E J 1973/09/14 Fellow
Dr Christopher Paul Ross Roberts Pr. Eng C P R 1966/03/28 Fellow
Mr Ugo Giuseppe Rivera Pr. Eng U G 1967/08/21 Fellow
Dr Gerald Norman Rosenthal Pr. Eng G N 1971/10/25 Fellow
Mr Brian Terrence Adrian Rossouw Pr. Eng B T A 1967/07/24 Fellow
Mr John Elliott Roux J E 1976/04/09 Fellow
Mr Charles George Madigan Rowe Pr. Eng C G M 1969/04/28 Fellow
Mr Ronald Joe Scheurenberg Pr. Eng R J 1968/09/30 Fellow
Mr Willem Andre Schoon Pr. Eng W A 1967/10/23 Fellow
Mr Edward Charles Hoffman Sellick Pr. Eng E C H 1965/11/30 Fellow
Mnr Fritz Jurgen Schwabe Pr. Eng F J 1968/03/25 Fellow
Mr Alan James Shelly Pr. Eng A J 1973/09/14 Fellow
Mr Brian Hugh Spottiswoode Pr. Eng B H 1962/04/12 Fellow
Prof David Stephenson Pr. Eng D 1969/06/30 Fellow
Dr Oskar Kurt Helmut Steffen Pr. Eng O K H 1967/02/27 Fellow
Mr Basil Edmund Starke B E 1965/06/08 Fellow
Dr Pieter Johannes Strauss Pr. Eng P J 1971/04/26 Fellow
Mr Edward Sunde Pr. Eng E 1960/04/14 Fellow
Mnr Machiel Christoffel Van der Merwe Pr. Eng M C 1967/07/24 Fellow
Mr Nicolaas Van der Walt Pr. Eng N 1965/04/02 Fellow
Mr Philip Arthur Van Heerden Pr. Eng P A 1965/01/29 Fellow
Mnr Cornelius Petrus Gert van Tonder Pr. Eng C P G 1967/07/24 Fellow
Mnr Rudolph Jacobus Van Huyssteen Pr. Eng R J 1968/06/24 Fellow
Mr Willem Van Wyk Pr. Eng W 1967/03/20 Fellow
Mnr Olaus Albin Werner Van Zyl Pr. Eng O A W 1973/05/11 Fellow
Mnr Willem Stephanus Van Zyl Pr. Eng W S 1962/07/16 Fellow
Mnr Jan Holmes Viljoen Viljoen Pr. Eng J H V 1974/09/13 Fellow
Mr Herman David Vermaak Pr. Eng H D 1967/02/27 Fellow
Dr Friedrich Von Maltitz Wagener Pr. Eng F V M 1964/04/16 Fellow
Mr Christopher Frederick Watermeyer Pr. Eng C F 1961/04/13 Fellow
Mr Michael William Watson Pr. Eng M W 1962/04/12 Fellow
Mr John Kenneth Wilkinson Pr. Eng J K 1974/11/22 Fellow
Mr Keith Melvin Wolhuter Pr. Eng K M 1964/03/24 Fellow
Mr John Robin Gilmour Williamson Pr. Eng J R G 1966/03/28 Fellow
Mr Jeremy Peter Wood J P 1968/01/29 Fellow
Mr Ian Ross Zietsman Pr. Eng I R 1966/08/29 Fellow
Mr Robert John Young Pr. Eng R J 1968/03/25 Fellow
Mr Victor Mervyn Panzera Pr. Eng V M 1989/02/16 Fellow
Dr Frank Netterberg C.Eng F 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Stephen Miles Fanner Pr. Eng S M 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Michael John Watson Pr. Eng M J 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr John Julian Eagar Pr. Eng J J 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Paul Royston Mann Pr. Eng P R 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mr Robert George Kinnear Blyth Pr. Eng R G K 1993/01/31 Fellow
Mnr Gerhardus Stephanus Engelbrecht Pr. Eng G S 1987/07/10 Fellow
Dr Philip Robert Stott Pr. Eng P R 2009/10/09 Fellow


A Member is a person who at the time of admission:

  • Is actively engaged in civil engineering;
  • Either holds an academic qualification from a tertiary educational institution recognised for this purpose by Council or is a corporate member of an engineering institution or society recognised for this purpose by Council; and
  • Is professionally registered with a statutory council or international body recognised for this purpose by Council.

For an applicant to apply for grade of Member, he/she must be professionally registered in terms of one of the following:

  • Engineering Profession Act, 2000 (Act No. 46 of 2000), ECSA
  • Project and Construction Management Act, (no. 48 of 2000), SACPCMP
  • Professional and Technical Surveyors Act, (No. 44 of 1984), PLATO
  • South African Council for the Natural Scientific Professions Act, (No. 27 of 2004), SACNASP
  • South African Council for Planners in terms of the Planning Profession Act, (No. 36 of 2002) SACPLAN
  • Engineering Council (UK), ICE

Non Corporate Members

Associate Members

An Associate Member is a person who:

  • Does not satisfy the requirements for admission as a Member but who has achieved a qualification in a profession which is comparable to that of a Member of the Institution and is connected with civil engineering to the extent that admission to membership in the opinion of the Executive Board will be in the interest of the Institution;
  • Is not eligible to be elected or admitted as a Corporate Member but who at the time of admission of an Associate Member is actively engaged in civil engineering and holds such academic qualifications as may be acceptable to Council, or has entered for and passed an ad hoc or other examination set by a panel of examiners nominated by Council; or
  • Holds an academic qualification from a tertiary educational institution recognised for this purpose by Council.

A person may apply for Associate Graduate (0–4 years), Associate Graduate (5+ years) or Associate Other membership.

Student Members

A Student Member is a person who:

  • At the time of admission has a valid registration as a student at a tertiary educational institution recognised for this purpose by Council, with the intention of obtaining an academic qualification in civil engineering recognised for this purpose by Council; or
  • Undergoes a regular course of training recognised for this purpose by Council.


A Participant of SAICE is

  • A person who wants to participate in the general activities of SAICE but does not have a qualification in Engineering or any other recognised qualification for Corporate or Associate Membership.
  • Must have an interest or involvement in a civil engineering discipline.
  • No Letters of Designation are applicable.
  • A participant certificate will be issued.


This category of participant is solely for persons who

  • Have an interest in a specific field and is currently for persons wanting to join the SAICE Alternative Dispute Resolution Panel or the SAICE Fire Engineering Division.
  • Persons who do not have a recognised Civil or other qualification for Corporate or Associate membership.
  • Persons who have Corporate/Associate membership of SAIMECH or SAIEE. (Proof must be included)
  • No Letters of Designation are applicable.
  • A participant certificate will be issued

From the age of 75 members are exempt from paying SAICE membership fees.

A Retired Member is a person who has retired but is still active in the activities of the civil engineering profession.

For any enquiries contact:

Vicky Johnstone (surnames A – M) or Merriam Molefe (surnames N – Z)