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The South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) initiated the photo competition to celebrate the beauty of the industry and to show the world that civil engineering can be visually pleasing. It is also a way of celebrating the profession and bringing it to the layperson in a format that will be more readily understood.

Many entries from both industry professionals and photography enthusiasts compete for a cash prize and titles of winner and runner up (one winner and two runner ups).
The photographs are used extensively in SAICE publications giving recognition to the photographers.
All photographs entered must portray projects and/or people in civil engineering.


Entrants can send their entries electronically – via e-mail. The photographs are posted on the SAICE website and the finalists are voted for on-line. The top 10 photos are selected and the adjudicators judge the photos further from this.
Winners are announced at the SAICE Awards function in October each year.


  • Entrants can respond by completing the entry form and attaching their photos in jpg format.
  • The competition is open to the general public to submit photographs.
  • The entries must portray people and/or projects in civil engineering.
  • Entries must be electronic photos in jpeg format, at a resolution of 300dpi at least 20cm in width or length.
  • Entries will be judged on portrayal of civil engineering, artistry of civil engineering, technical excellence (quality of photo), visual impact, creativity & originality, balance & composition.
  • Please complete an entry form for each electronic entry and supply an appropriate title, short description of each project, details of the client, consultant and contractor involved and photographer’s name.
  • Permission for the reproduction of photos for any exhibition or publicity is assumed unless the entrant specifies otherwise. Due recognition will be given to the photographer where required.
  • No responsibility will be accepted for any loss or damage to the e-mailed entries.
  • All entries must be e-mailed to Brigitte Nell, email: brigitte@saice.org.za
  • The closing date for the photo competition is the last working day of July each year.

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