The SAICE Presidential delegation, 2017 President, Sundran Naicker PrEng and SAICE CEO, Manglin Pillay PrEng, with Mishka Khan from SAICE PR visited the Durban branch between 13-15 September where they met with various industry leaders, consultants and bright young minds who will one day lead this country. The aim of the visit was to engage with industry and to address the concerns and challenges which our members were facing.

During our engagement there was a great deal of participation from the young people within the consultancies. This is of great significance, as these youth are gaining experience and developing a sense of pride within themselves and for the profession.

A considerable part of the visit was spent at the University of KwaZulu- Natal, Mangosuthu University of Technology as well as Durban University of Technology. The importance of engaging with educators is critically important in order to understand the challenges they face and to create avenues and networks through which these challenges may be resolved. By engaging with the civil engineering students SAICE was given the opportunity to share in their experiences and to provide them with valuable insight into the profession.

One of the most engaging aspects of this visit was the workshop held at Branch committee meeting. During the workshop members were split into various groups and assigned with tackling various issues – some of which were titled: “How can SAICE fight corruption?’’ and “How can SAICE maintain levels of competency within our industry?’’. These groups provided insight into the issues which our members face.

The visit proved to be one of the most memorable and engaging visits this year.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I am a Civil Engineering Bsc.Hons graduate.

    Please could you consider, should any suitable position arise with your organisation.

    My attributes as follows:

    I am an enthusiastic and motivated individual who has a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of being a civil engineer. I am goal orientated with the ability to develop and maintain functional working relationships with service users, operational teams and colleagues .I have a strong ability to problem solve and produce innovative solutions whilst keeping the environmental, social and economic aspects of development in perspective .Most importantly I am willing to learn and believe in lifelong learning as it enables me to effectively cope with change.

    *Full academic transcripts and resume on request.


    Shaylin Naicker

    083 6666 483

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