“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice” – Nelson Mandela.

On November 10, 2009, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution declaring July 18 as “Nelson Mandela International Day”. Globally on this day we acknowledge and celebrate Nelson Mandela’s contribution to peace through his active involvement in resolving conflicts, promoting human rights, international democracy and reconciliation, and in addressing racial issues. Not only is this day intended to recognise the greatness which one man was able to achieve but to also acknowledge the strength which we all in bringing about change on those around us.

The Mandela Day Foundation has outlined various goals in the Action Against Poverty Campaign for 2019 to 2029: 1. Provision of quality education for all children 2. Ensure that all children in Early Childhood Development (ECD) to have access to learning resources for development 3. Reduce hunger in families throughout the provision of nutritious meals 4. Provide safe shelter for families to live and thrive in 5. Eliminate homelessness 6. Enable access to safe sanitation to all communities

In honor of the late philanthropist and revolutionary, SAICE National Office staff headed out to the streets of Midrand and its surrounds and distributed warm winter blankets, beanies and scarfs to the homeless to brace them for the chilling cold front.

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