Becoming a student member of SAICE is your first step towards joining the biggest network of civil engineering professionals in South Africa. Not only will you enjoy all the physical benefits of membership, but you will also be benefiting your future career from an early stage.

A Student Member is a person who:

  • At the time of admission has a valid registration as a full time student at a tertiary educational institution recognised for this purpose by Council, with the intention of obtaining an academic qualification in civil engineering
  • At the time of admission is a registered student at UNISA studying towards a National Diploma
  • Undergoes a regular course of training recognised for this purpose by Council.

For the first year, student membership with SAICE is free, thereafter a nominal annual fee is charged. Additional years of free membership may be granted on written application and on the condition that proof of registration as a full time student is submitted every year.

Note: Within 3 months after graduating, a student must upgrade his/her membership to an Associate member.


For further information on the benefits of becoming a SAICE Member click here:

To apply to become a Student Member click here



  1. Hi,
    I’m studying towards my national diploma at Unisa.
    I would like to know. Whether I can apply to be a member of saice.
    I am Mozambican, staying in south Africa.

  2. I will like to join the SAICE student membership although am studying part-time with the recognised institution of higher learning, is it possible to be a member?

  3. Hi i was student at Central Johannesburg college and completed my N6 and also under went my 24 Months in service training .

    I’m currently awaiting my National N Diploma I’m currently still working at the employer whom provided me with the in service.

    I would like to register at SABC but not actually sure which category do I fall under.

    Can you please assist.

  4. Hi i once registered with saice and it was in 2012 and i droped out of the universty where i was studying but now im completing my course with Unisa
    i just wanna find out if im still the member or should i register again?

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