The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) along with its presidential delegation were warmly welcomed by SAICE on 18 July 2016. The team that comprised of approximately 20 engineers visited the Institution as part of their international technical visit itinerary.

The NSE is an umbrella body for all Nigerian engineers with over 60 branches and 18 divisions across 36 states in the country as well as the Federal Capital Territory Abuja. The Dutse Branch is one of the branches of the NSE whose cardinal objectives include the enhancement of professional practice and competence of members through meetings, technical presentations, workshops, exhibitions, symposia and industrial visits.

Over the years the NSE has conducted several international technical visits to South Africa, Egypt, Malaysia, Italy, France, Germany, Dubai, Brazil, Singapore, China and Japan with an aim of exploring and learning about various global engineering practices and to build alliances.

SAICE President 2016 Dr Chris Herold, together with CEO Manglin Pillay, COO Steven Kaplan and past president of FAOE Dr Martin van Veelen hosted the delegation at national office for a general meeting that covered the following topics:-

– Introductory presentations by the representatives of SAICE and NSE Dutse Branch

– Background and statistics relating to the two institutions

– Road to registration in SA and Nigeria – comparison

– The roles of the institutions and the regulatory councils in SA and Nigeria – comparison

– The outcome of the Synagogue Church Building Collapse took place on Friday, 12 September 2014

– PPP’s – how South Africa implements these successfully.

The NSE thanked SAICE for the informative trip and were grateful for the partnership between both institutions.






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