The University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (UKZN), Howard College Campus, recently hosted the SAICE Presidential delegation led by President Stanford Mkhacane and CEO Manglin Pillay.  The visit provided a much needed platform for UKZN Head of Departments and staff to address some of the challenges and issues facing the civil engineering faculty.

President Mkhacane and Mr Pillay also took the opportunity to address students highlighting the manifold benefits of being a SAICE member. These benefits range from obtaining assistance with career pathing and development to gaining entry to SAICE’s influential and powerful network of professionals. President Mkhacane touched on the opportunities available in the industry for young professionals and explained that SAICE being a recognised protector of the individual interests of engineers, was ‘a natural home for all engineers’. He went on to say that his vision for his year in presidency, is to take Civil Engineering to marginalised areas of the Republic where the social and economic value-add of the profession is still yet to be realised.  He encouraged all students to join SAICE as ambassadors of the aspirations of the civil-engineering fraternity by spreading the ‘gospel of civil engineering’.

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