Author : Debbie Besseling

SAICE’s Transportation Engineering Divisional committee has started off the year with a strategic planning session held on 1 February, in order to provide a better service and maximise the division’s offerings to its more than 1800 members.

The session was attended by ten members of the committee, as well as the various representatives from SAICE National Office including: Manglin Pillay – SAICE CEO, Steven Kaplan – SAICE COO, Joseph Msiza – SAICE Financial Accountant and Simone Rambarun from SAICE PR and Marketing.

Identifying SWOT

The committee undertook a detailed SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis which identified their successes, where there are opportunities and also recognised where further improvements can be made.

The committee consists of various portfolios that are led by a member, or members of the committee. These include, but are not limited to: Marketing and Communications, which includes Functions and Events, as well as Outreach, Training Courses and Conferences and Awards.

The division have developed two comprehensive surveys that will be sent out to both tertiary students and members of the division, in order to ascertain member’s needs, as well as to obtain feedback on the current relevance and effectiveness of SAICE Transportation Division. The information received from the survey feedback will assist in further improving the division.

In terms of courses, the division has identified a number of specialised CPD courses that will be introduced to members.

Upcoming events

Some of the Transportation Engineering Division’s upcoming planned events include:

The Western Cape Luncheon that will take place on 1 March 2017 at the Cape Town Hotel School. The guest speaker will be Dr Johann Andersen, Industry Associate Professor in Intelligent Transportation Systems, Department of Civil Engineering, Stellenbosch University. He will speak on the topic – Transportation and Technology: Can we do it smarter?

The division gives out several industry awards each year and one of these includes the Annual Chairman’s Award. The Chairperson of SAICE’s Transportation Engineering Division presents the prestigious Chairman’s Award to an individual, in recognition of their outstanding service to the Transportation Engineering profession. The annual Chairman’s Award function will be held this year on 20 April 2017, in Gauteng. The minimum criteria for the Chairman’s Award are:

– The individual must be a civil engineering professional

– Must be a member of SAICE

– Significant contribution to the profession, more so in Transport Engineering

Overall the strategy session was an outstanding success with a number of new offerings having been identified that will be announced to members.

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