Author : Benti Czanik

During 2016, SAICE offered two courses on the General Conditions of Contracts for Construction (GCC) 2015. These courses included the 2-day beginner-to-intermediate course on the GCC 2015, and the 1-day advanced course on the Differences between GCC 2010 and GCC 2015. Both courses were presented in 2016 at 24 SAICE events in the face of stiff competition from other commercial vendors, and still appeared popular with good attendance. Each course incorporated material such as hardcopies of both the GCC 2015 and its Guide. A further enhancement to the course programmes included providing delegates with a large collection of supplementary information in electronic format such as, relevant regulations and acts, CHS-related articles, latest standards from National Treasury and the CIDB, as well as other contractually-related information, guides and standards, all in the public domain. The information was formally packaged and delivered to each delegate in a set of eight e-mail messages.

The presenter’s personal records showed a total of 868 ECSA CPD points certified and awarded to a total of 471 delegates in 2016 for both SAICE courses. Prospects for 2017 include publication of the following new GCC 2015-related publications:  General Conditions of Subcontract; Supplementary Agreement to the GCC 2015; and a General Conditions of the Framework Agreement for the GCC 2015.

A felt thanks goes out to  SAICE National office staff, the SAICE PCM Division, E&T Committee, and members of the Interim Committee on SAICE CoC, as well as the author of the GCC 2015 and former presenter of the two-day GCC 2015 course, Willie Claassen, for a successful year and excellent support!

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