SAICE 2015 President Malcolm Pautz touched down in New York City this week for the 2015 American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Convention. The convention set the tone for a proud moment in the organisation’s history – the signing of the Agreement of Cooperation between ASCE and SAICE.  This Agreement will facilitate the enhancement of the efforts of each organisation to better serve the public and the engineering profession in its own country.

Activities contemplated under this agreement include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Exchange of information regarding the engineering profession in general.

2. Publishing of articles, papers, and information under preferred terms and in accordance with an agreement specific to each case, provided appropriate measures are taken to identify authors, protect their rights, and, if required, obtain prior permission of authors.

3. Encouragement of the exchange of publications so that both organisations may establish and maintain depositories of technical publications.

4. Encouragement of joint events of all kinds.

5. Encouragement of the exchange of students, lecturers, and guests.

6. Exchange of information regarding scientific and technical events that are of mutual interest.

7. Exchange of publications information index.

8. Exchange of technical periodicals and other publications according to an agreed-upon special literature exchange list.

9. Provide mutual professional advice, especially in all areas of international, technical and scientific matters to the extent provided by each organisation to its own members.

SAICE looks forward to enhancing its partnership with ASCE to ensure the maximum furtherance of civil engineering in South Africa and the United States of America.


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