For a number of years the South African Institution of Civil Engineering has been maintaining lists containing the names of individuals who were qualified and experienced to act as Mediators (Amicable Settlement Facilitators), Adjudicators and/or Arbitrators. These lists are widely used in the construction industry in South Africa and the individuals on the lists have been rendering a very valuable service in ruling on disputes of varying nature that occur from time to time on construction projects. The lists currently contain the names of some 85 persons, 75 percent of whom have been appointed for about 250 disputes referred to the SAICE during the past 10 years.

Hitherto there has been no cost to the individuals included on the list, albeit that a set of admission criteria has recently been introduced for persons applying for inclusion. The SAICE Finance and Administration Committee has decided that, in line with the custom at other institutions and starting in 2020, a nominal annual fee of R200.00 per list, with a maximum of R500.00, will be levied. This means that if a person wants to remain on the lists for Adjudicators and Arbitrators, the fee will be R400.00 per annum. Inclusion onto the list of Adjudicators only, will cost R200.00 per annum, while inclusion onto all lists will cost R500.00 per annum.

At the time of updating the lists early in 2020, individuals will be afforded the opportunity to indicate which lists they are applying for and the invoicing will be done accordingly. Appointments for dispute resolution thereafter will be subject to the listing fee having been paid. Members are encouraged to support this change aimed at strengthening the Presidentā€™s Lists and maintaining a core of dedicated and experienced professionals to render this vital service to the construction industry. Any suggestions to further improve this aspect of the Institutionā€™s service will be welcomed.



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