2014 has dawned upon your fledgling start up engineering company and somewhere at the back of your mind you would like to roll out a marketing campaign to boost visibility but you are not certain on where to begin.

Well, here are some tips on marketing your company in the industry:

It’s a fallacy to think that one doesn’t need a marketing budget in today’s competitive world to market their company. Avoid misleading advice from your uncle who owns a corner Pawn Shop in Brakpan. He’s not competing with another company for a R50 million tender. So, have a decent marketing budget.

Hire professional communications personnel to create a proper brand identity for your company. This will ensure that you have a proper logo, business cards, letterheads and signage that are current and relevant.

Stay away from vehicle branding that is tacky. Having an A4 magnet on the side of your dusty Toyota Hilux that’s illegible is a crime. Our eyes are not equipped with a zoom in function. Proper vehicle branding is one that envelopes  the entire vehicle and is designed to create a professional impression for your prospective clients driving along the controversial N3.

Invest good money on  your printed material! Brochures, calendars, tender documents and company profiles, which are handed out to your potential clients, will represent you long after the free biscuits have gone stale and the meeting has ended.

Have a website that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Gone are the days when  clients had to meet suppliers to create that first impression. Ensure that your Search Engine Optimization is at its peak and that your website promises warrant truth.

Maintain visibility on various advertising mediums such as print media, outdoor media and radio. This will create the impression that you are on top of your game and well established. While you are at it, hire a copywriter and a graphic designer to create this campaign because there is nothing more brutal than public slandering on weak campaigns conceptualized by the not-so-creative CEO.

Like most engineering projects, your company’s marketing activities need to be maintained. Refresh your marketing message in 2-year cycles and tweak it consistently along this period to stay top-of-mind.

Yes we are in the engineering field and we aren’t selling water and sugar but a concerted effort into marketing will definitely give your company the edge over the sea of engineering companies that are tender hungry and corruption ready. This investment will translate to a better bottom line over time.


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