The South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) delegation, led by President Stanford Mkhacane touched down in Durban on 13 May 2014 for the next round of presidential branch visits. The day began by visiting one of the region’s top technical university’s, the Durban University of Technology (DUT). President Mkhacane and CEO Manglin Pillay sat down with DUT’s civil engineering staff to discuss general issues, as well as key challenges and concerns that were faced by the faculty and the students.

In his address, President Mkhacane praised the profession of civil engineering and encouraged DUT staff to build awareness of SAICE to the upcoming generation of engineers. He further stated that students should not lose sight of why they chose to become engineers as their role will become crucial in the progression of South Africa.

Amidst a question and answer session, it was found that the majority of civil engineering students did not know the difference between SAICE and other institutions. Mr Pillay explained the role SAICE played in society and emphasised the large networking platform that was available to all members. In addition, students appealed to the delegation for an increase in SPEBS bursary funding, as they felt the current scheme was insufficient.

The visit at DUT ended on a high note with President Mkhacane honouring  student Shayden Bechan,  with the university’s ‘Top student in Civil Engineering’ award. 

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