On our recent visit to the Southern Cape we saw the wonderful human qualities of altruism and enthusiasm in full swing. In a voluntary association such as SAICE, the dedication and passion of the leaders of our Branches and Divisions are what sets us apart from many failed organisations. Even within SAICE these qualities wax and wane, but we have not reached our 116th year without the devotion of our volunteers and their leaders.

I felt a special sense of pride as I addressed the members of the Southern Cape Branch and their guests, during the Presidential Breakfast and this is a result of the hard work of Chairman Adrian van Molendorff and his committee, who have been instrumental in resurrecting the branch, turning it into a lively and respected part of our organisation.

As one of our smaller branches around the country, it would be easier for members to attend to their businesses and families and not take on projects and initiatives that can be so easily carried out by larger branches. But perhaps I am mistaken and the satisfaction they get is far greater because they are smaller.

In either event, this has been a wonderful experience with important lessons that I will take with me to the smaller branches in the weeks and months ahead. For now, I would like to extend my gratitude to the Southern Cape Branch for their hospitality and for their efforts on behalf of the fraternity and the communities we serve in South Africa.


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