I find recent calls for Benni McCarthy and Siyabonga ‘Bhele’ Nomvethe to be part of the national football team again, quite interesting. Their recent performance records at Orlando Pirates and Moroka Swallows have shown their spectacular abilities. McCarthy’s goal, a classic overhead kick, against Maritzburg United in the PSL recently tells you that he old dog still has vooma. In my opinion, he is still South Africa’s most lethal striker in the 18-yard area. Veteran striker Nomvethe continues to run circles around younger players and penetrate defence lines with the same alertness and pace he possessed ten years ago.

The invitation of older players to re-join the national team is evidence of the lack of foundational level development; which includes proper resources, administrative structures and systems that give focused attention to the development of young talent. This succession planning challenge is not uncommon to civil engineering. As part of the integrated improvement of the civil engineering pipeline, and with the absence of middle management engineers, young engineers are required to develop in unconventional ways. While we harness the wisdom of retired engineers, and seek other formal avenues of training like the SAICE Candidate Academy, and consultant specific development programmes, graduate engineers are required to go the extra mile to ensure their professional and personal development. Relying on the Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 day is not going to cut it anymore.

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  1. im a student from wsu east london campas. i agree with you that benni is stil the best strke inside the 18th area, bt he is only good on that possition, in civil engineering i think thats also happening to have people that are only good to a certain field.

  2. Allow it to happen with the MAN of your dreams in the city of your dreams. Old fashioned, romantic, but quite natural. Young girls need a husband like beautiful people need a functioning town or city. MAN city got up and did it for the first time in how many years? If Benni is taken there are many other fish to catch-and-to-keep. Civil engineering does it too, on and off the field.

  3. A country that does not invest in youth development is lost. we cannot expect a functional society if the youth development is ignored, however the experienced old expert should stand up and help goverment in the desicion making policie to come with a productive and functional management that will enable us to render and equiped with the neccesary knowledge throught skill exchange plan.

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