Stacey, 25, is a Technician-in-training from Pietermaritzburg currently on a mentorship programme at the municipality. Stacey is frustrated by quite a number of things regarding industry. On top of her list is industry’s lack of focus on some seemingly evident issues which affect an engineer on a day to day basis. For instance, industry is up in arms about non-engineers practicing as qualified engineers and bringing the whole industry into disrepute when they fail to execute engineering skill when it’s required. But she often wonders why industry is not committing itself to educating not just the average person but engineers themselves about the level of skill required to solve certain engineering problems. For instance why are F.E.T students made to believe they’re going to qualify as engineers? Even worse, why are they being taken on by certain municipalities on technologist/technician mentorship programmes? Stacey also wants to go into the consulting business even though she is a technologist and wonders if this is possible? Whilst contemplating these issues Stacey often wonders why is it that with so many governing organisations (including SAICE, of which she is a member), supposedly championing the profession, why is she still struggling to get  answers? Most recently, she has begun to ask herself, who are these organisations really representing?

SAICE President Stanford Mkhacane states that it’s important for members to understand the role played by the organisation in the industry as a whole, as well its commitment to collaborative efforts to addressing industry challenges.

Do you wonder where the value lies in your membership with SAICE? Are you like Stacey wondering what SAICE does to address your specific struggles? Do you have burning concerns that you would like to be addressed? SAICE’s presidential visit is your opportunity to get the answers to all your concerns.

We invite all civil engineering practitioners – contractors, consultants, the public sector, manufacturing and parastatals to join us at our Pietermaritzburg Presidential branch visit.

Use this opportunity and let voice to be heard!

RSVP to Reshina Maharaj, or on 033-341 1026

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