The SAICE Young Members Panel (YMP) is a voluntary committee which comprises of young engineers from within the industry. They function to create an environment which encourages up and coming civil engineers to develop a relationship with SAICE. The latter is achieved through involvement, training opportunities and networking activities for young aspiring professionals.

The YMP met for their third quarterly meeting on 7 July 2014, at the SAICE National Office, Midrand. The agenda focused on the strategic plans moving forward as well as talks about regionalising the YMP and creating sustainable industry partnerships.

The members debated the merits and demerits of their existing functioning model, which segments the under 35 market between graduates, candidates and junior engineers. It was questioned whether this was in fact correct or whether the market be dissected according to experience range as opposed to educational levels. 

They went on to discuss the need to regionalise their efforts in order to maximise their reach and impact. Taking the YMP to all SAICE regions seemed to be the only way to achieve effective and sustainable results.

Members highlighted the need to lobby for the creation of a common ground/platform for young professionals across the engineering spectrum, which would result in stronger representation. The YMP’s solid presence at the Civilution Congress, held in April of this year, had served as a launch pad for such a possibility.

The YMP is expected to convene again on 17 November 2014.


  1. I am a young graduate(ND) in civil engineering. I have read the above about YMP and also the articles featured on the saice magazine, as an aspiring engineer I will like to join and be part of the YMP. isit possible that I can get info on how I can be part of this movement.

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