NOMINATION DUE DATE: 9 September 2016


To honour a young technician who has:

  • Rendered outstanding service to the profession or has made a contribution of distinction to civil engineering in some way
  • To promote the practice and development of excellence in civil engineering amongst young technicians
  • To create an awareness of the contribution made to the civil engineering industry by SAICE in general and the Board of Technicians in particular
  • To develop excellence in civil engineering amongst of young technicians
  • To provide role models for the youth
  • To encourage leadership and entrepreneurship in civil engineering
  • To encourage personal development young technicians
  • Have made some sort of distinct contribution to civil engineering

To promote excellence in civil engineering by:

  • fostering a culture of distinction in civil engineering within the built environment profession
  • creating awareness of the contribution made to the civil engineering industry by the institution (SAICE)
  • developing excellence in civil engineering amongst young technicians
  • encouraging personal development in young people


The young technician must be:

  • A current SAICE member under the age of 36
  • Professionally registered or on the road to register as a PR Techni Eng.
  • Dedicated to the civil engineering industry
  • Actively involved in the institution (SAICE)
  • Dedicated to the local community with regard to civil engineering
  • An inspiration to younger technicians and scholars in the field as well as the general public
  • Actively encouraging others to participate in the institution (SAICE)
  • Show potential to become a worthy role model for the future of the industry


Other Criteria that would be beneficial:

The Young Technician must have achieved/displayed the following:

  • Any achievements that deserve recognition
  • Show that they have the ability to positively influence the impact on the built environment and / or local community in the future
  • Show leadership skills through their contribution to Civil Engineering
  • Shown that they are the entrepreneurs of the future with their innovative thinking


    • Nominations for this award shall be submitted to the National Office by SAICE members, companies or branches and divisions


    • The completed relevant document can be sent electronically to with a  short citation motivating why the nominee has been selected


    • A brief  bio or CV of the nominee


    • Five high-resolution photographs of the nominee consisting of corporate and casual photos. These can include any social or family setting




Nominations can be sent to SAICE national head office electronically via email to with the following information:

  •  A word document with the content and questions answered as stated below

1. Title page with:

  • Name of nominee:
  • Company of employment:
  • Designation/role of nominee:
  • Age of the nominee:
  • Registration or registration category being pursued:

2. Citation:

  • A short motivation stating why the young technician has been nominated for the award

3. Professional career achievements – a summary listing their achievements so far:

  • Academic achievements accomplished – including academic qualifications
  • Corporate achievements at the level they are at
  • Types of project/s involvement in projects
  • Other outstanding achievements in the industry

4. Contribution and impact on civil society:

  • Contribution to voluntary associations and other engineering societies (SAICE, ECSA, CESA, SAFCEC, CIDB, CBE, SAFEO, FAEO and so forth)
  • Community development initiatives undertaken in their capacity as a Young Technician
  • Improvement made on the quality of life in the community

5. Project management ability and career progress examples:

  • Technical knowledge and skills related to their work\
  • Showing good skills in decision-making
  • Ability to foresee and overcome challenges using their initiative

6. Impact made on civil engineering aspects:

  • Involvement in major projects – how they contributed to the team and their supervisor
  • Innovation ideas and developments
  • The ability to think ahead and being aware of  environmental issues, efficient energy and green engineering

7. Photographs:

  • Five high-resolution photographs of the nominee, in their professional and  / or casual environment

8. CV/ Bio:

  • Short one page CV or bio of the nominated technician


  • Adjudication will be carried out by a nominated panel of at least three judges under the Chairmanship of a past president
  • At this level, the adjudication will be carried out on the material submitted in the citation and entry
  • The judges will select the most deserving Young Technician for the award and this will be announced at the annual awards function on 13th October 2016

Nominations for this award will close on 9 September 2016

Nominations to be sent to:                                  Brigitte O’ Connor

                                                                                    Events Manager


For queries contact Brigitte O’ Connor on 011 805 5947 / 061 626 7788 /






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